Easy Boston Cream Poke Cake {Pinterest Test Kitchen}

Friday, July 27, 2018

Welcome to this month's Pinterest Test Kitchen! This recipe was voted on by all of you and if you would like the recipe then click here to view it from the original author "The Baking ChocolaTess".

What You'll Need:

The Preparation:

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The Final Product & Review:

This recipe is by far one of the easiest with just three main ingredients. I would keep in mind that the flavor and overall outcome will slightly differ depending on the brand and type of cake mix, pudding, and icing you choose to use. While this does need some time to fully set, my kids could not wait overnight so I ended up serving mine after it set for about four hours. The longer it sets, the more the chocolate will harden and pudding will thicken. The flavor is similar to a typical Boston Creme Pie but not quite the same, it does the job of fulfilling a craving though. My entire family enjoyed it and I am interested in using the base recipe to try out other flavor combinations.

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