Home Office Tour 2018

9:00 AM

Today I wanted to share my home office tour. This post is to show where I work on my blog, as well as prep all of our homeschooling stuff. I also use this office for the rare times I get to play some of my favorite video games. I hope you enjoy this tour!

When you first enter my office, on the large left wall is where I keep my nail polish rack and some decorative signs.

Next to that wall is where I have a small filing cabinet that I keep previous years school work in. On top of the file cabinet is my black and white printer that I use to print out basic worksheets. I also have my small trash can there.

Behind my door is another file holder for school work. I keep my planners on top and a water jug for my dogs water bowl refills. I also have a small decorative picture on the wall. The door to the right leads into my husband's office. My pup Sandy is sometimes included in this spot.

This is my corner for all my collective items like my Funko Pop characters and my Supernatural character posters. Click here to see where I posted my Funko Pop collection overview at the time.

Next to my desk is another large wall where I have two shelves full of family mementos and some of my collective items. I also have a large bookcase filled with books and collective items. On the floor I have my dogs' toy box.

In the corner next to my desk is my all in one printer that I use for pretty much everything. Underneath the printer is where I keep extra printing paper, my camera equipment, and some plain folders. I also have a large wall calendar.

This is my desk which I do a lot of crafting at so it is a bit beat up. I have two monitors that I use for both gaming as well as just to have one for streaming music or videos while I do work on my main monitor. I have all my pens, planners, recipe box, and other miscellaneous items that I need within my reach on my desk top. To the far left is my teacher planner that I am currently using to plan for the fall school year. Underneath my desk is a small drawer that I keep all my planner supplies and accessories in.

Here is an overview of what my office looks like!

I hope you enjoyed seeing a tour of my work space.

In the comments down below, let me know what your office space looks like.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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