Weight Watchers Favorites {February 2018}

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Welcome to my series all about my favorite products that I used throughout the month as a part of my Weight Watchers journey. I will be including a link to where you can purchase each product in their description, as well as their SmartPoints value per serving. Keep reading if you want to see my favorites from last month!

Mom's Best Cereals Old Fashioned Oats
SmartPoints per serving: 4 points
This has been my go to oatmeal of choice all month for overnight oats. It is delicious and has a simple ingredient list which is something I am trying to be more aware of with my food choices.

Luna Rica Coconut Chocolate Almond Butter Bar
SmartPoints per serving: 8 points
This was a new find to me and it is extremely delicious and makes for a perfect treat or snack option. It is a bit high in points but it is justifiable to me on occasion.

Lenny & Larry's Birthday Cake The Complete Cookie
SmartPoints per serving: 7 points
This is one of my favorite meal replacement options for when I am on the go. It is delicious and due to the high protein, it does fill me up enough to count as a meal. I don't have them often but I did have a few last month.

Simple Truth Organic 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate Chunks
SmartPoints per serving: 4 points
One of my favorite flavor of overnight oats is chocolate chip, and my favorite are these dark chocolate chunks. They are super delicious and go perfectly with yogurt, oats, and just as a snack themselves.

Simple Truth Organic Blueberry Grape Kombucha
SmartPoints per serving: 2 points
Over the past couple of weeks I have started adding a serving of kombucha to my morning routine. I have found that it helps with some digestive issues I have from time and time. This flavor is one of the few that I enjoy as it is not super strong and has a nice fruity flavor to it.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my Weight Watchers favorites from last month!

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As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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