Birchbox February 2018 {Follow Your Heart}

9:00 AM

Bumble and bumble Thickening Spray Pre-Styler
Full Size Price: $30.00
Sample size value is approximately: $
This is a thickening spray that is designed to give your hair more bounce by lifting, adding volume, and adding long-lasting body. To use, you simple spritz onto damp hair before drying, it also works as a heat protector and gives a light hold. I don't have a real need for a product like this but I did find that it held up pretty well to its claims. I do like the scent of the product which is slightly sweet and does linger on the hair after use.

The Beauty Crop Wing Woman Liquid Eyeliner
Full Size Price: $17.50
Sample size value is approximately: $13.12
This is a liquid eyeliner that claims to be easy to apply. It contains a budge proof applicator that allows you to trace along your lash line or create a more dramatic winged look. I do not use liquid eyeliner but did find this one to be extremely pigmented and it seems to be quite precise with the application. If I were to normally use a product like this, then I would highly recommend this one. 

True Moringa Simplicity Face, Hair & Body Oil
Full Size Price: $26.00
Sample size value is approximately: $6.50
This is a one-ingredient wonder oil that claims to nourish, moisturize, and repair. It contains fatty acids and antioxidants which can be applied to clean skin or smoothed over your hair. I liked the idea of it having a roller ball for application purposes but I did not care for the scent at all. It is very earthy and musky, which are just not my preferred scent types. The formula itself was ok but I do feel the product comes out slow and isn't exactly easy to cover larger areas. 

IPKN Color Correcting Primer SPF 15 - Green
Full Size Price: $28.00
Sample size value is approximately: $4.90
This is a green tinted primer that neutralizes redness, protects from UV damage, and nourishes with rose flower oil extracts. The scent of this product is extremely light and refreshing, it has just the slightest floral notes to it and it does linger a bit on the skin. The formula of this product is thicker than it may appear so you don't need a lot of this product to provide a base for your makeup. It worked extremely well at reducing the redness my skin naturally carries and my foundation went on evenly over it. I would purchase the full size of this product.

Number 4 L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner
Full Size Price: Shampoo- $34.00 / Conditioner: $78.00
Sample value is approximately: $4.00 / $0.78
This is a shampoo and conditioner sample set that claims to repair and protect dry, brittle strands with a sulfate free formula. The shampoo is infused with vitamin B5 and essential oils. The conditioner contains ingredients  like berry and vitamin C. The scent of both of these products are extremely musky and not something I care for all that much. The formula was decent enough but I don't see myself using a product like this due to scent.

My February Birchbox is valued at $32.82.
I pay $10.00 a month for my subscription, so I received an additional value of $22.82.

Overall, I was disappointed with this month's box since most of these products are not ones I consider fitting my profile or needs. My favorite product from this month's box was the primer.

Not a current subscriber to Birchbox? Click here to get your very own box next month! If you missed my review of January's Birchbox, click here to check it out.

In the comments down below, let me know your favorite primer.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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