Easy Orange Chicken {Pinterest Test Kitchen}

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Welcome to January's Pinterest Test Kitchen! This recipe was voted on by all of you and if you would like the recipe then click here to view it from the original author "Listotic".

What You'll Need:

The Preparation:

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The Final Product & Review

This recipe was probably the most disappointing of any that I have tried in this series. Considering I have been doing this series for almost two years, I consider that not too bad of a chance to get a negative result. Now let me start by saying that I see the potential in this recipe but the method of preparation recommended did not work at all for me. I followed the recipe exactly as described and about an hour before it was supposed to be done, more than half of the chicken was burnt and inedible. 

Now with crock pot recipes, I expect to be able to walk away and let it cook without having to constantly watch over it. Especially since this recipe did not instruct to check on it frequently, I did not do this. If I had not decided to check on it when I did, then the entire thing would have been ruined. The chicken that wasn't burnt was quite dry and just ended up not being a successful meal. I do think the flavor of the marinade is great but I think letting it soak overnight and then cooking on the stove top would give better results. I would like to try it again using that method to see how it turns out.

If you decide to give this recipe a try, I recommend following the instructions carefully but beware of the potential of it cooking quicker than you may expect.

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