DIY: Winter Wreath

9:00 AM

With the holiday season over, it was time for me to hang a wreath for the winter season. I could not find one I liked so I decided to make my own. I have made a few wreaths in the past and not only does it save a good bit of money but it allows you to fit your decor with ease. Most importantly, it is quite easy to do! Keep reading if you want to see how I made this wreath.

What You'll Need:
- Straw wreath, or any type of wreath you prefer
- White and blue fake flowers, which ever type you prefer
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks

Step 1:
Begin by tightly wrapping the burlap around the wreath. I did end up using the entire roll so depending on the size wreath you choose, be sure to buy the appropriate amount of fabric to fully cover the wreath base. It may take a few re-dos to get the fabric as tight as you need so don't be frustrated by that. Once you have it wrapped, you can either tuck the last flap under another piece or glue it down.

Step 2:
This step will be based around the look you are going for with your wreath so this is purely how I made mine. I cut off the flowers of each fake bouquet. I kept a bit of the green stem but did not keep any of the leaves.

Step 3:
Glue on the white flowers and be sure to make a space in between each.

Step 4:
Glue on the blue flowers where the gaps are left. I also went and re-did a layer in the opposing colors on the top and bottom of the original line, to give it more of a full look.

Step 5:
Take the bigger flowers and attach them in centered positions or however you prefer, I ended up using all six.

Step 6:
After gluing all the flowers on, sit the wreath upright and begin to trim off any pieces that are hanging over as well as removing any extra glue strands.

Step 7:
Once it is fully dry, hang onto your door or wherever you choose to display it.

The Final Product:
The full view of our door with the wreath!

I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY project and in the comments down below, let me know if you give it a try.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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