2018 New Year's Resolutions

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Today I want to share my goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. I hope by publicly committing to them, I will feel more motivated to stick to them and hopefully inspire others to do the same. Keep reading if you want to see my resolutions for 2018!

Weight Loss Journey
I have been a Weight Watchers member for over a year and have yet to really find my motivation to stay fully on track. I've had good months that spiral into a phase of bad months. I am determined that I find my groove this year and am able to make some big life long changes.

I had this same resolution last year and ended up doing fairly well with it so I want to continue it as a part of my self care. I find it to be vital to my mental health for me to take some me time and reading has always been a great way for me to recenter and take a break.

Date Nights/Family Time
This is another resolution that spills over every year. In 2017, my husband and I finally got into a routine of going on date nights at least twice a month. It has made a huge difference in our relationship so this is something I want to continue. We also made an effort for more quality time with the family and had many get togethers and weekend outings, another thing I want to continue into the new year.

Blog Audience
I have continued to see decent growth in my blog audience as well as social media presence. I am determined for this year to be one that I can say I am actually able to make a small income from as well. I enjoy blogging as a hobby but would love to turn this into a small business venture for myself. I plan on investing in a new camera and doing a mini overhaul on my social media platforms and blog layout. I hope to be successful in this area as I know it would boost my confidence!

Being Content
As someone who suffers from high anxiety. I do struggle with being present and content. I want to spend some time this year making sure to appreciate the small things and not overthink every detail. This will likely be the most difficult resolution for me so I am going to make it a high priority to focus on.

In the comments down below, let me know what your resolutions are for 2018.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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