Thanksgiving 2017 Planner

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Today I wanted to share how I keep organized with all my Thanksgiving plans and recipes. All you will need in order to make a planner for yourself is a three ring binder and either printing paper or regular lined paper. I also use a paper clip to hold extra papers together that I will be taking out of the binder. Keep reading if you want to see my planner for this year!

On the left side, I keep my master cleaning list held together with a paper clip. I simply write down each room and the tasks I need to complete for each. I do this so I can keep track of what I have done and need to do. I also like this to be organized so I can easily hand off tasks to my kids or husband if I get busy with baking and cooking. On the right hand side, I have my full menu for the holiday. I break it down by main dish, side dishes, desserts, and drink options.

A close up view of the first page of my cleaning list. Under the cleaning list, I have an index card that I used to take notes on menu ideas, I keep this on hand in case I need to reference back to anything.

A close up view of my full menu. I did forget that I am making an appetizer this year, so I do have an added note for that.

The second page in my planner is my prep order. This is how I am able to stay on track since I have so much to prepare. I break it down into two days and I try my best to estimate a time frame for each item, especially on Thanksgiving day so I can keep my pace and scheduling on time. I did forget to add in making my gravy so I added a side note on the paper. Once I have my turkey fully weighed out, I will go in and write out the exact time frame for when it will be done.

The final pages in my planner are all my main recipes. I don't follow exact recipes for things like mashed potatoes and the vegetables so those are not included. The first is my recipe for cranberry sauce with dried cherries.

This is my family's recipe for pumpkin pies. It's the one I have followed for many years. This recipe does make two pies.

This is a recipe for Dutch Apple Pie that I got from Pinterest, it's a new one in our rotation this year so I am crossing my fingers it turns out!

This cheese-ball is a twist on a family recipe and a recipe that I found on Pinterest. The main twist is that it will be shaped like a pumpkin to give it a fully festive feel.

This is my classic cajun turkey recipe, it is my staple and the one recipe that never changes in my rotation.

Another new recipe this year, this came from my Weight Watchers magazine and I thought would be a tasty option for our family.

This is another staple recipe that never changes. I am a big fan of cornbread stuffing and my family prefers stuffing that is cooked separately from the turkey. You can easily stuff the turkey with this recipe if that's what you prefer.

A basic gravy recipe that I got from a food magazine years ago.

That is my full planner for this Thanksgiving and I hope it inspired you!

In the comments down below, let me know what your favorite Thanksgiving dish is.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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