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I was asked to do this tag on my Tumblr page so here it is! This tag is showing what apps I keep on my phone and how I keep them organized. I also will be answering tag questions so keep reading to check out what I keep on my iPhone!

What phone do you have?
I have an iPhone 6.

What is your wallpaper?
It is currently an image I got from Reddit, I don't recall the exact source or what it's of but I typically keep my wallpapers nature related.

How many apps do you have?
I have 43 apps which I keep mostly in 8 folders.

What are your most used apps on your phone?
The apps I use daily are Instagram, Twitter, Weight Watchers, FitBit, Waterlogged, and Gmail.

How do you organize your apps?
I keep my apps organized by topic in folders.

The first folder is where I keep games, it is probably my least used and one that I mainly had to keep my kids entertained before they got phones of their own.

In this folder:
- BoothStache
- Flow Free
- FatBooth
- AgingBooth
- Akinator VIP
- FaceSwapLive
- Best Fiends
- WoW Armory
- WoW Legion

The second folder is one of my top used which is where I keep my music apps.

In this folder:
- iTunes Store
- YouTube
- Pandora
- Spotify
- Shazam
- Podcasts

The third folder is where I keep books or generic note keeping/research apps.

In this folder:
- Notes
- Wallet
- Wikipanion

The fourth folder is what I call utilities, it's basically just random apps I use for work or personal use.

In this folder:
- NCPMobile
- Compass
- Tip Calculator
- The Weather Channel
- Reminders
- Calculator
- Pics For Points
- Authenticator
- Influenster
- Find iPhone
- Google Maps
- Yahoo Mail
- Maps

The fifth folder is where I keep my social media apps or apps that I use in connection with social media.

In this folder:
- Instagram
- Twitter
- Gmail
- Perfect365
- FaceTime
- Vanillapen
- Typorama
- PicLab
- Layout

The sixth folder is where I keep my health related apps.

In this folder:
- WW Mobile
- Fitbit
- Apple Health
- My Consumer Diary
- fitlist
- Waterlogged
- Nike+ Training

The seventh folder is where I keep restaurant apps.

In this folder:
- Starbucks
- Dunkin' Donuts
- Chick-Fil-A

The eighth and final folder is where I keep my shopping apps.

In this folder:
- Michaels
- Hobby Lobby
- Kroger
- AEO/Aerie

I feel like I don't have that many apps yet do at the same time. Either way, I know keeping them organized in folders makes me feel far less cluttered!

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I keep on my iPhone. In the comments down below, let me know your favorite apps.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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