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I was requested to share my makeup collection and how I keep it stored and organized so that's what this post will be detailing. I will not be doing an in depth makeup collection review, if you would like that then I will dedicate a separate post for it. This is a general overview of all my makeup and how I keep it stored. I will be linking the organizers I use as well as my vanity if you are interested. Keep reading to check out all my makeup!

The vanity I am using comes from Amazon. I received this as a birthday present two years ago and have found it to be the perfect size for what I need and for the price, it has held up perfectly. Click here to check it out if you are interested. The vanity has a small drawer that I store my pallets and makeup brush kit inside.

On the top of my vanity is where I have six organizers. On the left side of my vanity I use a lipstick organizer and a three drawer organizer. I use another one of each on the right side as well. On top of that organizer is where I display my perfumes.

This is my first set of lipsticks.

In the first drawer of my organizer on the left, I keep my lip balms, face primer, eye primers, eyelash curler, and some eyeshadow sticks.

In the second drawer, I keep my brow products, highlighters and powder, as well as more eyeshadow sticks.

In the third drawer, I keep mascara and eyeliners.

In the center of my vanity I have a large organizer that is broken down into six compartments. I bought this a few years ago at my local grocery store but I am sure you could find one similar on Amazon or at an office supply store. In the top left compartment, I keep my foundations, moisturizers, and primers. In the bottom left compartment, I keep my powders and concealers. In the main middle compartment, I keep my blushes and highlighters. All three compartments to the right are where I store some of my individual eyeshadows and smaller eyeshadow quads/pallets.

I have a makeup holder from e.l.f. that I keep miscellaneous items in such as my makeup brush cleaner, setting spray, lip liners, and a nail file.

This is my second lipstick holder.

The right side three drawer organizer is the same as the one on the left. In the first drawer, I keep lip liners, my sharpeners, and lipsticks. 

In the second drawer, I keep blushes and highlighters.

In the third drawer, I keep the rest of my single and sample eyeshadows.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my makeup collection and how I keep it organized!

In the comments down below, let me know how you store your makeup.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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