Our 8th Grade Classroom Tour

9:00 AM

Welcome to our 8th Grade Classroom!

Today I am sharing a tour of our eighth grade classroom. The setup isn't drastically different from last years but I did get a new teacher's desk and we changed up some of the posters. Keep reading to see our current setup!

The door to our classroom is labeled with our school name and the current grade.

Once you enter the classroom you see the children's desks and a view of the main wall with our calendar and social studies poster.

Here is a close up view of our posters and calendar.

As you turn to the right, this is the front view of the classroom. We have our dry erase board, reading library, art center, and my desk in this area.

Close up view of our class schedule, art center, and library with reading posters.

This is my desk area where I keep my laptop and all of our textbooks and worksheets for the school year.

Next to my desk is where I have a drawer of the full school year of work and a table with extra art supplies. We also have a larger map on this wall.

When you turn from the front of the room, this is the overview of the back portion. Here we have the children's desks, our physical education center, a dresser with school supplies, and our science center.

Close up view of our activity centers.

This is my son's desk for the school year.

This is my daughter's desk for the school year.

Behind my son's desk are a couple of math related posters. We may be adding more to this wall at some point.

Here is a close up overview of our activity centers.

On the left is the PE center, we do need more baskets for organization but this is how it looks for now.

The middle is where I keep a drawer full of school supplies. We also have a cork board to display art projects.

On the right is where our science center is. We have our microscope with slides here. As well as some educational posters.

Here is the view from the activity centers.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of our classroom for this school year. If you missed previous classroom tours then check them out down below.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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