Estée Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact Review

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Today I am reviewing a new to me foundation that I was able to purchase through my Ipsy reward points. This is the Estee Lauder Double Wear Makeup To Go Liquid Compact. I decided to do an all day wear test with this foundation and took pictures to show how well it held up. Keep reading to see my full review!

This foundation is unique in that it comes in an easy to travel compact that pumps the product directly into the container and makes little to no mess. The formula itself is more on the dewy side which is different from what I normally wear as I tend to mostly use matte finishes. It claims to be made to last for 8 hours, I put it to the test of a 12 hour day. I am using the shade 2C2 (Pale Almond).

The foundation itself is on the buildable side so I recommend starting with  just one pump and then adding where you need more coverage. I found that it has medium to full coverage, again depending on how you build it up. It does have a luminous finish so I wouldn't recommend this to anyone with oily skin, unless you don't mind the extra shine. As someone who tends to have dry skin, I was a little off put by the amount of shine so I did use a setting powder to keep it a bit more matte.

This is my fresh out of the shower face with nothing but a moisturizer on. I do suffer from hyper-pigmentation, hormonal breakouts, and dry skin.

This is how it looks with just one layer of application. I used about 2 pumps to cover my entire face but found that it wasn't the exact coverage I wanted on this particular day. I do feel on a day with less breakouts then I could get away with just this amount.

This is after the second full application and before a setting powder. As you can see there is some shine on some parts of my face.

This was my completed look for the day, the only thing on my face is the foundation, a matte setting powder, and blush. I didn't use any concealer on this day. I completed my makeup around 8am and decided to take a picture every few hours to show how it held up.

My first check in was around 1pm, this is after I had ran some errands and dealt with the wonderful summer humid heat. As you can see there is bit of shine but I was able to reapply a bit of powder to tone it down. Otherwise everything was still in place.

My next check in was at 5pm, this was after going to the park and being stuck in the rain. A little shine returned and I feel a bit of my breakout is appearing through around my nose. Otherwise it still looks quite fresh.

This was my final check in for the day around 8pm. I had done some yard work and built up a bit of sweat but still found the foundation holding out.

My final review is that I did truly enjoy this foundation aside from one aspect. I don't like the dewy finish, I much prefer my skin to have a matte look. Due to it's coverage and how well it lasts on the skin for a long period of time, I do feel it's worth using and just making sure to have a matte powder on hand. If you don't like having any extra steps with a foundation, I think this one is a great idea. The travel aspect of this foundation is big selling point as well since it is extremely convenient. Even with fairly discolored skin and some breakouts, I was impressed by how well this covered without needing any concealer. I will definitely be keeping this in my rotation of go to foundations.

In the comments down below, let me know your current go to foundation.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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