Kai Krates Summer Review

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Today I wanted to share with you a summer review of a subscription service for your canine friend. Just in time for summer break, I think you may enjoy this amazing service for your pet! Keep reading to see what my pups received in this month's box and for more details on this monthly service. I also have a special discount code just for all of you!

Kai Krates is a monthly subscription service that aims to provide quality products at a more reasonable price point. I have a lot of personal experience with buying expensive toys and then seeing my dogs destroy it instantly. Kai Krates is a service that is committed to offering affordable products with their quality control process team of three pups.

They provide two krate plan options; the Toy, Treat, and Chew Krate has 2 to 3 quality toys, 2 to 4 chews, and the occasional bag of treats. While the Treat and Chew Krate is filled with 1 bag of treats, 1 premium chew, and 3 to 4 healthy treats and chews. Kai Krates has three plan options adpated to the size of your dog. You can also subscribe in either 1, 3, or 6 month options. If you use the 3 month subscription payment option, you can save 10%. For the 6 month subscription payment option, you can save 20%.

Each box is $24.99 (if you choose the monthly payment option) and comes in the options of:
- Big Dogs and Tough Players which is for larger breeds like a golden retriever.
- Tiny Pups which is for the smallest of breeds like a Chihuahua.
- Most Dogs which is for the average sized dog such as a bulldog or border collie.

I am subscribed to the Big Dogs and Tough Players Toys, Treats, and Chews box. Here is the overview of what we received in this month's box.

SmartBone Dog Bone
Valued at approximately: $3.24
This bone is ideal for my pups as they love longer lasting chews. This one is quite thick and took several days for my dogs to fully finish. This is made with real chicken and wholesome vegetables which is ideal for any pet parent wanting the best for their pup!

Vitakraft Drops with Peanut
Valued at approximately: $7.54
This is a highly nutritious, enriched treat that has a similar texture to chocolate chips but is about twice the size of them. Each treat contains minerals and vitamins to promote a healthier lifestyle for your pup. You can use this as an in-between meal snack or as a reward treat. Each bag contains about 200 drops. My dogs absolutely loved these and they aren't the biggest fans of peanut butter. I highly recommend them due to their simple ingredient list!

Camo Tug Toy
Valued at approximately: $15.00
This is a giant chew toy that fits perfectly into my pets needs. They love playing tug of war but most toys do not survive the first time they play together. Not only is this toy super durable and able to last through rough play sessions but it supports a wonderful cause. About 60% of any purchase from www.vetdogs.org goes directly to America's VetDogs to help train assistance dogs for veterans and active duty personnel with disabilities at no charge to them. I could not locate this exact toy on the site but they have several pet products I think you'd enjoy!

Kong Tennis Ball with Rope
Valued at approximately: $6.75
The final item in this month's box was probably their favorite! My pups love tennis balls and Castiel, in particular, loves squeaky toys so this is a two-in-one favorite. It is quite durable and they love the rope aspect as they can play tug of war with it as well.

This month's box is valued at approximately $32.00 which is almost ten dollars more than the price I paid so I feel this is truly the best pet subscription out right now, not only due to its affordable price points but also due to the quality of the products. I highly recommend this service and think it would be a great idea for the summer time when your pets are more active and needing those extra toys for the long summer days!

Thanks to Kai Krates, all of you can receive 10% off your first purchase with the promo code LIVINGINWONDERLAND. Simply visit their site at www.kaikrates.com and sign up today with my promo code to save money and treat your pups to an amazing service.

In the comments below, let me know what kind of pets you have.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: Kai Krates is an affiliated brand with my site. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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