Harry Potter Birthday Party Ideas

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Today I wanted to share how I decorated for my children's Harry Potter themed birthday party. Several of these decorations were inspired by Pinterest and I will link to the original author for each. I also purchased some products from online and will link to them as well. Keep reading to see how to plan your own Harry Potter party!

Party Decorations

I kept most of the decorations fairly simple, we mainly focused on using the colors related to the house orders. We purchased the tablecloths from the Dollar Tree and I simply laid out each one halfway over the table to represent Gryffindor. The cup and silverware colors are for Hufflepuff and were also from the Dollar Tree,

I created a photo booth for the party guests to use, this was inspired by "Catch My Party". I simply used a foam board from the Dollar Tree.

I created wands for the party guests, I made four basic designs and let each guest choose which they wanted and handmade them at the party. I found this easier than making them all beforehand so this way everyone got to have a more custom feel. This idea came from "Boxy Colonial". I purchased all of my supplies at Walmart and each wand took me about 10 minutes to make, it does take a full day to dry so be prepared for that.

Instead of the usual Pin The Tail on the Donkey game, we made a Pin The Scar on Harry Potter. This idea came from Pinterest and I am unsure of who the original author is. I used a white large paper and had my husband sketch the design. I then colored it in and cut out small lightning bolts from scrap paper.

Party Food

For the themed foods, I kept it again fairly simple. The first item is chocolate mini cupcakes that I topped with Harry Potter House rings that I purchased from Amazon.

I took pretzel rods and dipped them in candy coating to create candy wands.

This punch was one of the biggest hits at the party, mainly because if it's bright green coloring! This is a very simple punch that came from "This Grandma Is Fun".

I made their cake and simply purchased an edible cake topper from Amazon.

I hope this post inspires you for your party celebration! 

If you missed my last birthday party idea post, click here to see how I planned a Minions party.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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