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With my New Years Resolutions post, I mentioned wanting to put my Weight Watchers journey as a top priority. To encourage myself to keep up with my health and fitness journey as well as possibly encourage some of you to participate, I wanted to start a new series. I currently have my What I Ate Wednesday as a Weight Watchers member series and I post my workout routines occasionally. I recently purchased a fitness planner/journal and have found it to be very helpful with keeping track of my food and setting goals.

So today, I have two series that I am stuck on which to implement which is why I am asking you to cast your vote on which you'd be more interested in. Before voting, I will include details of what each series will contain and then simply vote on your favorite. I will be including this series beginning next month!

Food Diary:
This series would include a monthly post that shares one full week of my food diary. This will detail each meal I had and the Weight Watchers SmartPoints value of each. I may also include some pictures to show some of the meals described. I will include pictures of my food journal as well so you can see how I track everything.

Health/Fitness Progress:
This series would include a monthly post that shares my goals and achievements. I will post an overview of how my monthly goals went and my weight loss progress. This will sometimes include pictures and detailed information regarding my Weight Watchers journey.

Cast your vote down below!

Vote on which Health series you'd like to see on my blog!
Food Diary
Health & Fitness Progress

In the comments below, let me know if you have any health goals for this year.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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