What I Ate Wednesday {Weight Watchers} #2

9:00 AM

I'm back again with another edition of my What I Ate Wednesday as a Weight Watchers member. I enjoy sharing this series with all of you as it gives a glimpse of just how amazing being a WW member is as you don't sacrifice at all with your food options! I currently have a daily budget of 38 SmartPoints and I do try my best to stay within that budget every day. I also exercise six days a week doing a one hour workout which is half cardio and half weight lifting. Keep reading if you want to see how I spent my points!

Ian's Sausage Pancrepes with Agave Syrup and  Flavored Water
SmartPoints Value: 10 points
I was having a rushed morning so I needed a quick yet filling breakfast option. These pancrepes are a guilt free delicious meal and contain a sausage link inside. I also topped them with a little bit of agave syrup and had a 25oz water flavored with some strawberry watermelon Mio.

Cherry Glazed Chicken with Pilaf
SmartPoints Value: 10 points
My lunch consisted of leftovers from the previous night's dinner. I added some extra fresh cherries to the top after reheating. I also had another 25oz of water.

Mini Shepherd's Pie with a Power Green Salad topped with homemade whole wheat croutons and raspberry vinaigrette
SmartPoints Value: 11 points
I was super pumped for dinner as my workout had really tired me out. This is a great comfort food dish option that is full of flavor and lots of vegetables. This salad was made a million times better with my homemade croutons. I had two more 25oz waters during and after this meal.

Skinny Mocha with Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup
SmartPoints Value: 5 points
I had some errands to run after dinner and needed a pick me up. I chose one of my go to drinks which is absolutely delicious!

By the end of the day, I had used 36 points and earned a total of 13 active points. Overall, I was very pleased with how the day turned out and continue to love being apart of this amazing program. Click here to see the first edition of this series!

In the comments below, let me know your go to Starbucks drink.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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