Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick Review

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Today I am giving my first impression and full review of this new foundation. I am new to the Hourglass brand and to the use of a foundation stick so I wanted to share my honest opinion of this product with all of you. I saw this product on Ipsy and due to the great reviews, thought I should give it a try. The shade I am using is "Bisque" which is for fair skin with warm undertones. I am doing my normal go to full face along with the foundation, I will list all the products I used once my look is complete.

The first thing that caught me eye is the unique packaging of this foundation. Not only is this in a stick form but it also comes in a triangular tube. Keep in mind this product costs $46.00 and comes in a package size of 0.25oz, so to me this would be considered a high end foundation. They claim that this formula is quite concentrated and a little goes a long way. They also state that when using it as full coverage, that it can take the place and even be used as concealer. I applied the foundation according to their tutorial video on their website.

This is my bare face with nothing but Too Faced Hangover Face Primer on.

I went ahead and did my eyeshadow look as well as mascara and then I began by applying three triangles of the foundation to each of the areas as described in the Hourglass tutorial. I did not use a foundation brush to blend it out as I prefer using a beauty blender. I went ahead and blended out the product as I would with any other foundation.

This was the look after one layer, I found the coverage to be quite impressive but did consider this to be more on the light coverage side. I wanted to see how build-able it is with the need of a more full coverage look, so I repeated the same steps and applied a second layer.

With a second layer, I felt I had achieved a full coverage look. The formula of this foundation is quite thick but it does blend out nicely with a damp beauty blender. I did end up using a little more product under my eyes for a bit more concealer like coverage but aside from that, I thought it had covered my face quite nicely. I suffer from hyper-pigmentation and truly felt this balanced out my skin tone in a very natural way. The foundation did not feel thick at all while wearing it, which I was a tad worried about with how concentrated the formula is.

I went ahead and finished up the rest of my look and did end up setting the foundation with my Winky Lux Diamond Powder in "Light". After having all my makeup complete, I did find the foundation to set quite quickly and it did not oxidize for me. I completed my makeup around 11am and decided to do some check ins throughout the day to see how the foundation held up.

Here is a close up of my face to see a better view of the coverage.

My first check-in was at 4pm and I found that the foundation still looked quite nice and fresh. I had ran an errand and started cooking dinner at this time so I did sweat a bit and get out into the sun. Mostly I loved how light it truly felt on my skin as I kept forgetting I even had foundation on throughout the day.

My final check-in was at 11pm, about twelve hours after application. I did begin to notice some patchy areas but nothing too bad considering that I had played outside with my kids for about an hour and did more errand running.

Here is the side by side comparison to better show how the foundation held up all day.

Overall, I am absolutely impressed and in love with this foundation. The formula itself is extremely pigmented and blends out with ease. I have never had a foundation that held up as well as this one does throughout the day and even with sweating and being outside. I also love how many color options they provided and how well they provide descriptions for each so you can easily purchase online if you don't have a store nearby to be color matched at.

The only downside I see to this foundation is the price and size of the product. I can't predict how long the product will last me but I feel it would be a tad out of my range if I had to repurchase it more often than every two to three months. My current go to foundation is under $10 and lasts me at least two months. While Hourglass provides better coverage and longevity than my current foundation, the price point does determine some of my choice to repurchase.

Due to it's high pigmentation, I feel I could stretch this product out and will likely repurchase it and start to use it more frequently in my routine.

Here are all the products I used to achieve my final look:

In the comments below, let me know if you've tried the Hourglass foundation and if so what your opinion is about the product.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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