What I Ate Wednesday {Weight Watchers}

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Today I wanted to share with all of you what a typical day of eating while being a Weight Watchers member looks like. Keep in mind that this is a day where I am able to prepare all my own food and did not have much to do so it is much easier to keep track of my points. I currently have a daily allowance of 39 SmartPoints and I am fairly strict about staying within that range and not going over and using my Weekly SmartPoints. I also exercise six days a week doing a one hour workout which is half cardio and half weight lifting. Keep reading if you want to see how I spent my points!

Thin sliced bagel with 1 tbsp peach cream cheese and organic pear slices
SmartPoints Total: 6 points
I try to keep my breakfast meals quite light as I workout within an hour of eating. This is one of my favorite options as it is quick and simple yet really filling. I also had 18oz of water with this meal.

Homemade chicken fried rice with 1 cup of fresh diced pineapple
SmartPoints Total: 9 points
My lunches are quite often leftovers from the previous nights dinner. This way I already know the points value, my meal is quick to warm up, and of course none of my food goes to waste. This was much needed after my workout. I had another 18oz of water with this meal.

popchips crazy hot chips
SmartPoints Total: 4 points
In between lunch and dinner, I was wanting a small snack to get me through and I love popchips and especially this hot variety. I forgot to take a picture of my bowl but I had 1 serving. I had 20oz of water with this snack.

Mini black bean burgers with mustard on romaine lettuce, twice baked potatoes with chives, organic edamame
SmartPoints Total: 14 points
This dinner was entirely vegan and despite the lack of meat, there is tons of protein in these mini burgers. This is one of my favorite meatless meals to make and is very simple to prepare. I had 20oz of water with my meal.

Enlightened Frozen Hot Cocoa bar
SmartPoints Total: 3 points
I have recently discovered Enlightened ice cream and it has changed my world. I love these hot cocoa bars and the fact they are sweet enough to curb my chocolate cravings but low enough on the SmartPoints scale that there is no guilt.

By the end of the day I had used 36 SmartPoints and drank over 75oz of water. Overall, I felt satisfied with the amount of food I had eaten and did not go to bed hungry. I am quite pleased with the points system and just how much I can still eat and stay within my points. I hope this inspired any of you who may be following the plan as well.

In the comments below, let me know if you are a Weight Watchers member.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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