Our 7th Grade
Classroom Tour

9:00 AM

Welcome to our 7th Grade Classroom!

Our classroom has gone under another mini makeover this year. Mainly we have upgraded the children's desks and implemented more subject centers around the room. I feel as if I am almost to the point of my ideal classroom setup but I know it's hard to make everything exactly how I want. I am quite proud of how it turned out, so keep reading to get a glimpse into our homeschooling classroom!

As you enter the classroom you will first see the school news wall, my daughter's desk area, and my teaching area.

My teaching area has not changed too much from last year but I did get a new tablecloth and chair.

Next to my desk area is our dry erase board, weather station, class schedule, and our mini art supply station.

Next to the dry erase board is our library area where I also have some education posters. Pug not usually included.

When turning in front of the dry erase board, you will see the other side of our classroom. This is where the children's desks are located.

My son's desk contains his mini trash can, pencil holder, calculator, planner, and journal. His new desk is about twice the size as his previous and they are loving all the extra space.

My daughter's desk is the same setup as her brothers. She also the same exact desk as well.

The very back of the room contains two subject centers and in the middle is our dresser filled with art supplies and school books.

To the left is our PE center. This is where we store our sporting equipment that is used in our lesson plans.

In the center is our clock and our cork board that is used to display art projects.

To the right is our new favorite spot. This is our Science center which includes a recycling game station and our table where we have our new microscope and slides. We also have a magnifying glass and two journals for the kids to keep notes when working in this area.

Here is the overall view of our classroom!

I hope you enjoyed this updated tour of our classroom. Click here to see our 5th Grade Classroom Tour and click here to see our 6th Grade Classroom Tour.

In the comments below, let me know what grade your children will be starting this year.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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