Birchbox June 2016 {Everyday Magic}

9:00 AM

Benefit Cosmetics Gimme Brow Volumizing Fiber Gel in shade "03-Medium"
Full Size Price: $24.00
Sample size value is approximately: $8.00
This is a unique brow product that contains volumizing microfibers and an exclusive water-resistant gel which adheres to the skin and hair, thickening brows. The formula is also enriched with conditioning vitamin b5 and marshmallow extract. The tapered brush features a precision tip to let you shape and blend effortlessly. To use this product, you simply begin at the inner edge of the brow and move outward, using short strokes to define and shape. Build to desired fullness, then comb through to blend. I really loved how easy this was to use and how natural of a look it gives. The shade is perfect for my skin-tone and hair color. I really love this product and definitely will be purchasing the full size.

Avene Thermal Spring Water
Full Size Price: $14.00
Sample size value is approximately: $4.66
This is a hydrating, re-balancing mist which is sourced from the medicinal springs in Avene, France. It claims to soothe redness and calm all sorts of skin troubles from sunburns to allergic reactions to eczema and itching sensations. You can use it as a morning toner, spritz as a mid-day refresher, or keep it in your purse for moments when the skin is stressed. It can also be used to help set your makeup for the day. To use this product, you simply hold the bottle at arm's length and gently mist your face. Wait a few minutes then pat dry, repeat as needed throughout the day. I found this product to work well at keeping my skin hydrated and I enjoyed the simple formula that is not skin irritating in the least. I would consider purchasing the full size of this product.

COOLA Enviromental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion
Full Size Price: $32.00
Sample size value is approximately: $2.50
I am a big fan of Coola products so I was excited to try out this unique after-sun lotion. This is a super-moisturizing organic lotion that helps the skin recover after being in the sun. Unlike other gel after-sun lotions, this lightweight wonder has a silky, smooth texture and sinks into the skin immediately. It contains agave which takes the sting out of sunburn, moisturizes, and promotes collagen synthesis to help repair your skin and reverse sun damage. 70% of the ingredients are harvested from organic farms. To use this product, you gently apply after a day in the sun or whenever your skin is feeling dry. I found this product to be quite soothing and I enjoyed the citrus and natural scent that it carries. It did not irritate my skin in the least and did help soothe quite quickly. I would consider purchasing the full size of this product.

Laura Geller New York Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator in shade "Gilded Honey"
Full Size Price: $26.00
Sample size value is approximately: $8.66
The moment I saw the packaging of this product in my box, I was super excited to give it a try. This a is a luminous, warm highlighter with a formula that applies like a powder but feels like a cream, making it easily blend-able and ideal for building to your perfect coverage. The 3D design ensures you get an even sweep of product until the very last application. To use this product, lightly swirl your favorite highlighter brush over the product and dust over cheeks, forehead, chin, and anywhere you want a fresh, lit-from-within glow. I am in love with this product as it not only gives me a beautiful golden hue without overdoing it or being too shiny but it lasts for quite a while and catches the light beautifully. It is highly pigmented and applies with such ease that anyone could use this product without any trouble. I will be buying the full size of this product and trying other shades.

The Beauty Crop PBJ Smoothie Stick in shade "Raisin the Roof"
Full Size Price: $14.95
I want to preface this by saying that my product came melted and completely broken, I tried my best to work with what I could and mold it back to some form of a usable shape. Thanks to Birchbox's amazing customer support, I am receiving a replacement but it did not arrive before this review. This has no impact on my review.

This is a a smoothie stick that boasts a soft tint and moisturizes lips with a ingredients such as sweet almond oil. I found this to be much more of a chap-stick like quality since the pigmentation is quite light unless you apply with several layers and more pressure. The coloring was a tad too light for my skin-tone but I find that with the proper gloss, it can be amped up to a brighter shade. It is very moisturizing and carries a nice sweet scent. This is also a full size product this month, from my research. I would be interested in trying other shades from this brand.

The value of my June Birchbox is $38.77.
I pay $10.00 a month for my subscription, so I received an additional value of $28.77 this month.

Overall, I really loved this month's box as it had a great combination of products that were new to me and provided a good balance to my preferences. I really enjoyed the beauty products and how well they fit my overall style. My favorite product from this month was the highlighter.

If you haven't subscribed to Birchbox yet, click here to get your very own box next month. If you missed my review of May's Birchbox then click here to check it out.

Down below, let me know what you received in this month's Birchbox.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any brands mentioned in this post. The Birchbox link used is my referral link, I will receive points to purchase products only if you subscribe. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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