Birchbox May 2016 {Naturally Radiant}

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COOLA SPF 30 Organic Makeup Setting Spray
Full Size Price: $36.00
Sample size value is approximately: $7.20
I am always on the lookout for new setting sprays to use and this one contains a unique formula. I have used the COOLA brand before, I love their sunscreens and use them to this day. This setting spray is a matte-finish mist that protects the skin with broad spectrum SPF 30 while it also sets your makeup for the day. It contains cucumber and aloe vera extracts, hydrating hyaluronic acid which soothes and softens skin, locks in moisture, and reduces the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. To use this, you simply apply your makeup and mist the product evenly over your face. The first thing I noticed was how strong of an alcohol scent this spray had. It was a bit overwhelming as I didn't like the idea of a high alcohol content on my face since I suffer from dry skin.

It did end up working quite well at keeping my makeup smudge proof for the day but the smell was very off putting. After the initial alcohol scent, it settles into a floral scent that I just didn't care for. While I do enjoy the products ability to keep my makeup in place and it didn't dry out my skin, I really didn't care for the scent. If it came in other scents, I would purchase the full size of this product.

Davines LOVE Smoothing Shampoo - For Coarse or Frizzy Hair
Full Size Price: $25.00
Sample size value is approximately: $7.37
Davines LOVE Smoothing Conditioner - For Coarse or Frizzy Hair
Full Size Price: $29.00
Sample size value is approximately: $1.50
This is going to be a 2 in 1 review as these products tie in together. This is a shampoo and conditioner set that is made for coarse or frizzy hair, I suffer from frizzy hair which gets only worse in the southern Summer. The shampoo is specially formulated to tame frizzed-out and tangle prone hair. It contains an infusion of olive extract, vitamin E, and polyphenoise. I found the scent to be more floral and I tend to shy away from those scents. It worked rather well on my hair but I feel I would need a larger sample to fully test the claims. Overall I liked the formula but would prefer another scent.

The conditioner is also formulated with olive extract, Vitamin E, and antioxidants for a softer, smoother style. As an added plus, it imbues your strands with a high-shine look, perfect for when you don't have time to apply product before rushing out the door. I find this to be very moisturizing and I felt it did a good job of helping keep my hair more tamed after use. I know I would need a larger product to fully test the claims. This conditioner carries the same floral scent that the shampoo did. Overall I liked the formula of both but did not like the scent and would be willing to try it in the full size if another scent was available.

Benefit Hoola Matte Bronzer
Full Size Price: $29.00
Sample size value is approximately: $7.25
I do not use bronzer in my regular makeup routine so I am by no means an expert on these products but I enjoy trying new things when I can. This is made with a silky powder that can be used all over as a contouring shade and it blends in very easily. It can be used to shape and contour by simply sweeping across these target points: diagonally under cheekbones, on the sides of the nose from the bridge straight down, on the jawline, and under the chin. To achieve an all-over glow, use a powder or blush brush to apply a light dusting.

I really enjoy how easy this was to use and even though I have fair skin, this worked quite well on my face. I found that despite being a novice with this product, it was easy to work with. I found the product lasted all day and gave me a nice sun-kissed overall look. I would consider purchasing the full size of this product.

ModelCo Lip Lacquer in shade "Creme Brulee"
Full Size Set: $16.00
Sample size value is approximately: $0.35
I am a lip product junkie so I get excited when I find any new lip products in my box! This is a lip lacquer in a neutral glossy shade. It provides a rich, high-pigment color in just one swipe. One of the best parts of this lip gloss is how non sticky it is, I tend to steer away from lip-glosses due to the stickiness that comes along with it. I did find this particular shade to be a little too light for my taste but I did find that it worked well on top of a pinky nude lipstick. I would definitely purchase more shades!

CLEAN Blossom Eau de Parfum
Full Size Price: $72.00
Sample size value is approximately: $4.20
This is a perfume sample that manages to bottle the very essence of spring. It is inspired by delicate flower petals falling from the sky and dancing on water, the scent embodies a strong, feminine woman with notes of Tunisian neroli, orange blossom, and sensual sandalwood. I do not care for this type of scent as it is extremely floral and earthy. While I enjoy the idea of the formula, it just didn't work for my preferences. The scent did linger for quite awhile and is made well enough that I would be interested in trying other scents from this brand.

The value of my May Birchbox is $27.87.
I pay $10.00 a month for my subscription, so I received an additional value of $17.87.

Overall, I am pleased with the samples in this month's box. Even though I don't see myself purchasing the full size of most of these samples, it was nice to try some new things. I also enjoyed the overall variety. My favorite product from this month would be the lip gloss!

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