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I have recently begun following the YouTube channel, "How Jen Does It", and her videos have been such a creative push for me to do more around the home. Recently she posted a video series all about a weekly challenge to tackle organizing and cleaning up your home. We have officially been in our new home for one year now and I had hoped to be further along in our journey of being settled but due to time constrictions, we still have many projects to do. I have loved following along on this series and wanted to share one of my accomplishments from this week, tackling my tiny pantry!

In Jen's video, "Pantry Organization - Dollar Tree Organization", I took a lot of inspiration for not only where to purchase my bins but also the basic idea of how I'd like my pantry to look. Click here to check out her channel and the video I used as inspiration. I will be including a full product list at the bottom of this post, so be on the lookout if you are curious about any of the items.


This was a hard picture to post publicly as I like to think of myself as a neat and tidy person but my pantry continues to be a pain. I reorganize this at least monthly but with two almost teens and a husband, it never stays as organized as I would like. Here is what I began with. You can see that each shelf has a designated purpose which is mostly being ignored. My main objective was to eliminate as many boxes as possible as I am working with a smaller pantry area and want to maximize the room I do have. So I began by pulling all of the products out of the closet.

Here is a view of the pantry completely empty.

After having everything pulled out, I then made my list of storage containers and other materials needed. I ended up purchasing the majority of the products I used from the Dollar Tree and I got a few items from Wal-mart. I will link each item at the bottom of this post, although some of the Dollar Tree containers are not exact but are close to the ones I was able to find. Each store is going to be stocked differently so be prepared to work with what yours will offer.

I had a rough estimate of the amount of containers I would need and the variety of sizes, I did end up needing a few more canisters but it wasn't a deal breaker to my final project so I plan on buying those at a later time. This is what my entire stock of containers were, I ended up using all but 3 of them which I will be putting to use in other organization projects.

I also made sure to have labels, markers, and ziploc bags as I wanted to portion out snacks as well as eliminating boxes by putting things in smaller bags to keep in my containers.

This project took me a total of about 5 hours. I wanted to make the most of the space I was using so I took my time really sorting through all the products and figuring out the setup I wanted to use. I do think I will need to redo this at some point since I know my pantry will end up more full than this and I want some extra space for the "just in case" moments. We will be remodeling our kitchen at some point so this pantry is somewhat temporary. After all the time and dedication here is what I came up with.

I organized each shelf into a certain category of items, keeping the majority of products inside containers with similar products. I also made sure to label each box indicating the items inside. Behind the containers I put extra products or refill containers for when a canister runs low. Here is a close up view of each shelf.

I do plan on buying more canisters for things like brown rice, coffee grounds, and pasta but this works for now. I also want more of the cereal containers, but again this isn't absolutely necessary for now.

Here is my before and after!

While I feel it still feels a little stuffy, I have a decent sized family so our pantry is going to stay well stocked and the space just isn't big enough to make it look any more open. Overall, I am very pleased with the results and hope this helps my kids and spouse stay on top of helping keep things more organized. Down below is my full product list of items that I used or are similar to ones I used, click on each item name for the link to the product. I hope you find this post helpful to your Spring cleaning plans!

Items I Used:

In the comments below, let me know what Spring cleaning projects you have planned.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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