Apple Pie Cinnamon Rolls {Pinterest Test Kitchen}

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Welcome to April's Pinterest Test Kitchen! This recipe was voted on by all of you and if you would like the full recipe then click here to view it from the original author "The Hopeless Housewife".

What You'll Need:

For The Dough:

For The Filling:

For The Icing/Glaze:

The Preparation:

The Final Product & Review

This recipe was a challenge to say the least! I would right off the bat state that this is probably not the best baking recipe for a beginner. I do not consider myself a great baker so I felt I struggled and did not end up with as perfect of a final product as I would have liked. I had no big problems with the dough itself which I was pleasantly surprised by as it was my first time using yeast in a recipe. When rolling out the dough, I was shocked at how well it moved and did not tear at all.

I did notice that after my rolls ended up being not as uniform nor tight but I feel I still achieved the layered look you want in a cinnamon roll. I also had my cinnamon roll log too loose when cutting it which I know played a part so next time I make these and if you make these, keep in mind to roll the final log very tight. I also experienced quite a bit of liquid seeping out after my rolls rested with the filling inside. I am not sure how this happened as none of my ingredients had a liquid texture to them when I added them. It did not greatly impact how they baked in the end so I am still unsure if this is to be expected or not.

Mine were a bit larger so I ended up baking them for about 28 minutes. Everyone in the family loved them and they are absolutely delicious. I love how simple the flavor profile is and while it looks rich, it's quite light yet filling. The glaze is very simple and delicious as well. I highly recommend giving these a try but beware that this does take about half a day total to complete. I spent about 5 hours on/off with these in between the rest times and prep work. I see these as being perfect for a holiday breakfast and I am curious if the dough could hold up overnight before adding the filling. I also would love to try more fruit fillings and see how far I can take this new staple recipe!

Keep in mind, every month all of you get to decide which recipe goes into the next Pinterest Test Kitchen, so keep an eye out for next month's poll! If you are new to this series, every month I post a poll with four recipe options from my various Pinterest recipe boards. After one week of voting, the recipe with the most votes will be tested and reviewed by the end of the month. This helps me try something new and put my Pinterest recipes to good use.

Down below, let me know what your favorite cinnamon roll flavor is! If you missed my last month's Pinterest Test Kitchen, click here to see me make a "Shamrock Shake".

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I am not the original author of this recipe, this recipe belongs to "The Hopeless Housewife" and has been credited to throughout this post. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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