Spring 2016 Garden Plans

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Today I wanted to share my plans for our upcoming garden. This is just the beginning as we are just starting to figure out what we want to grow as well as how much space we will have to work with. I wanted to share our purchases from over the weekend and be sure to check out my Pinterest page to check out some of my future plans and inspiration for our garden, my gardening page is titled "Secret Garden", click here to view it!

We got lucky and when going to Wal-mart found several plants 50% off, I was ecstatic and grabbed pretty much one of each. I recommend checking out your local Wal-mart's Garden Center to see if they are having any sales as the spring season is upon us. We are beginning to see consistent warmer Spring temperatures and are unlikely to see below freezing again until fall so now is the time to get our garden started!

First here are the flowers I purchased, most of these will be going in the front of our home but some of the sunflowers will be used to go around our garden which is located in the back yard.

- 4 tulips: yellow/orange, white, purple, yellow
- Lynwood forsythia gold shrub
- Hydrangea {Nikko Blue}
- Bleeding Heart {Pink}
- Purple Prince Lily Tree
- Crocosmia
- Sunflowers {American Giant and Mammoth}
- Hybrid Tea Rose Bush {Rio Samba}

Next are the plants that we have going in our actual fruit, vegetable, and herb garden. Again, this is just the beginning and simply a start to see how much we can put into our garden.

- Sweet Peas
- Curly Kale x2
- Jalapeno
- Sweet Pepper
- Onion
- Bell Peppers
- Pumpkins {Jack O' Lanterns}

- Raspberries
- Seedless Concord Grapes
- Blueberries
- Blackberries

- Strawberries

- Peppermint
- Chocolate mint

Here is our garden space that we will be working with. It's dimensions are 14' by 18' and we will be placing the crops in vertical rows. As of now, we are planning on having the fruits in the front as they need the most sun, followed by the vegetables, and then the herbs in the back. Some of the Mammoth Sunflowers will be placed along the sides to be used as markers and to add a touch more color. We will be tilling this area and mulching before any planting begins.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the plans for our upcoming garden. This is my first year doing a full garden like this so I am excited to see how it turns out. I will be posting updates as we make more progress so stay tuned to see how well we manage to grow our own food this summer.

In the comments below, let me know if you have a garden and if so what you plant each year.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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