Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets Review

9:00 AM

Today I am reviewing the Reynolds Cookie Baking Sheets parchment paper. In order to properly review this product, I decided to try out one of Reynolds own cookie recipes. This recipe was used in conjunction with our Valentine's Day party. Keep reading to see how these baking sheets worked out!

The recipe I tried out is the Cherry Pie Cookies, it's extremely simple to make and allows you to customize them however you may want. I decided to cut out the dough into heart shapes as I made these cookies for Valentine's Day. If you want the full recipe and instructions, click here to view it.

I began by lining my baking pan with a baking sheet, this was very easy to do as the cookie sheets are pre-cut into individual sheets that come out of the package with ease and lay flat on the cookie sheet without any issues of folding or coming up.

I then followed the given directions for the rest of the steps.

I removed the cookies after about 10 minutes of baking and was very impressed with how easily the cookies came off the pan, despite the leaking pie filling which is extremely sticky. I found that the cookie sheets not only allowed the cookies to bake evenly but it made it extremely easy to remove the cookies without them breaking apart or getting stuck due to the sugary filling spilling out.

For this recipe, I should have pinched the two pie pieces together better so they formed more of a sealed look and had less leakage but overall I think they turned out nice. I would also recommend dying the dough pink or red to go with the theme of Valentine's Day, or making a simple powdered sugar colored glaze to add on top. The cookies were a big hit and tasted like mini cherry pies so I highly recommend giving them a try.

These cookie sheets are a new staple in my kitchen now and I have already used them for not only cookies but roasting vegetables as well. These parchment liners provide an even cook for your food and also make less clean up time. They give you the confidence of knowing your food will not stick without having to add any extra oils. I really love these and the convenience of having them pre-cut to the size you need. Be sure to check these out for yourself!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I was sent this product to try for free in part with CrowdTap and Reynolds. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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