Galaxy Slime
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Welcome to my series "Pinterest Classroom Project"! This series is based around my cooking series, "Pinterest Test Kitchen". Every other month, I post four classroom projects or experiments and let all of you vote for one week on which you'd most like to see tested. This month's winner was "Galaxy Slime" which was originally created by Twodaloo, click here to view the full post.

This project is quite simple to make but unfortunately ended up being a semi-fail for us. I do plan on re-attempting it at another time but for now here is our attempt!

What You'll Need:
- Elmer's Glue
- Food Dye
- Fine Glitter
- Liquid Starch

What To Do:

Begin by simply dying your glue into different shades, I personally just let my children choose whichever colors they preferred and this is where the first misstep may have been. Due to these colors, we achieved a muddy looking slime and no where near a galaxy shade, so you may want to stick to the original suggestions to achieve the appropriate look.

Once you've dyed your glue, go ahead and mix in your glitter. I let my kids add the amount they preferred.

Then simply add in the liquid starch. I did this by simply adding in a tablespoon at a time and mixing. I did this until I achieved the stretchy texture that this is supposed to have. Unfortunately, ours could never quite reach the super stretchy texture we wanted so we settled with what we could manage.

Once we had all of our colors more goo like, we then made a circle of each color on a piece of parchment paper, trying to achieve the galaxy spiral.

Once we had the spiral down, my children began mixing the slime and the ultimate fail resulted. We were left with mostly a pile of brown goop. The kids still had fun with it but by no means did we have a long stretchy rope of galaxy slime to play with.

Where did we go wrong? Well, I take the blame that I read through the post too quickly and focused on the breakdown of items needed without paying close attention to the fact that it seems you need a bottle of glue per color. I instead, split the bottle of glue into four even parts and figured it would just end up making a smaller batch. Now if that wasn't what ruined our fun, then I can only assume we either used too much liquid starch or did not properly mix it.

Whatever the cause may be, I am determined to figure out how to fix it and try again. Overall, while ours didn't turn out the way we planned, we still had lots of fun. The kids loved mixing together the colors to figure out what it took to achieve the shades they wanted. Of course, getting messy is always fun for them too. I do recommend giving this one a try but read over the original post carefully and be prepared to go on a trial run if need be!

Down in the comments, let me know if you've tried this experiment before. If you missed our last classroom project, then click here to see us make our own snow!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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