Plan With Me
{January 2016}

9:00 AM

Welcome to the first edition of my new series which was chosen by all of you! This series is going to be focused on sharing how I use my planner throughout each week. I will likely only make these posts once a month but for special occasions or depending on what I want to feature, there may be multiple posts each month. I will also be reviewing products that I use along with my planner in order to help any of you who are also avid planners like myself.

For this first post, I am going to share the very first week I planned. I received this planner for Christmas and have never owned an Erin Condren planner before so I am still quite new to the whole layout and process of designing each week. I have just recently purchased several planner accessories so hopefully my layouts will continue to improve and inspire from here on out.

My Planner

I own the Good To Go - rose gold - LifePlanner. I am using the vertical weekly layout and have the January to December 2016 edition.

Each week's layout looks like this blank one. The best part of these planners is how well structured they are and provide the perfect slate for customization. If you are not one to want to spend extra money on accessories, I find this planner to work perfectly well on it's own. I find planning to be a form of "me time" and I love taking the time decorating and filling out all my week's plans.

Overview Of My Week

This is my first week, fully filled out and designed. I didn't have many accessories on hand so I hope to see some improvement next week and especially in the coming months as I grow my planner supplies. I have broken down each box into morning, afternoon, and evening. I use the bottom section to keep track of my meal planning.

My Week

As you will notice, I am using the far left section to keep track of weekly goals as well as inspirational quotes/words. Each day is broken down into what tasks I have throughout the day. At the very top of each day is my blog post subject that will be posted. At the very bottom I include what I am making for dinner that night. Most of my days end up being fairly repetitive but if I do not have any special events then Monday - Friday is set in stone since I do homeschool my children and am a stay at home wife and have a set home routine to keep.

I have set aside a day to focus on planning for the next week, that day will be Sunday as I have the most free time on that day. You may notice the small stickers that I use throughout some of my days. I received a sample pack of stickers with my planner and I have purchased some through my current favorite shop on Etsy, "Pawspaper".

Products I Used

I purchased the paper clips I use to mark what page I am on from Hobby Lobby and they are the "Chevron Paper Clips". The first sheet of stickers is a sample pack that came with my planner, I used these to mark my laundry days, nail polish, blog posts, and family time. The second sticker sheet is from Pawspaper and is the "Coffee, Donut & Muffin" set, I used these to mark my coffee day that I do while running errands on Sunday.

I used this sticker pack to decorate with inspirational quotes and the weekend banner. This is also from Hobby Lobby and is the Pocket Pages "Big City Lights" foil sticker pack.

I also used these stickers from Erin Condren to label my blog posts titles, these came free with my planner.

The last sticker pack I used was for the important message on my Sunday box. This is also from Hobby Lobby and is the The Happy Planner "Create 365 Don't Forget" stickers.

So far, I am enjoying the products I have and am looking forward to getting more so I can do a full themed layout. I hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my "Plan With Me" series and stay tuned for more.

In the comments below, let me know your favorite Etsy shop for planner supplies.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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