Lemon & Garlic Linguine Recipe

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Lemon & Garlic Linguine Recipe

What You'll Need:

- 1 tbsp minced garlic or 4 cloves of fresh garlic, minced
½  cup of olive oil
- 1 tsp salt
½  tsp black pepper
- 1 lemon, zest and juiced
- 1lb linguine pasta
- 2 tbsp dried parsley flakes or ½  cup of fresh parsley
- Reserved ½ cup of pasta water


Step 1:
Begin by adding a pinch of salt to a large pot of water, bring to a boil.

Step 2:
In a small skillet, pour oil into pan on low to medium-low heat and let it warm for 2 to 3 minutes.

Step 3:
Once oil is warmed, add garlic and cook for 2 to 4 minutes until you begin to smell the aroma of warmed garlic. Be mindful of burning the garlic as it does cook quickly.

Step 4:
Once water begins to boil in large pot, add in pasta and cook according to directions on box.

Step 5:
Once garlic is browned, remove from heat and add in salt, pepper, lemon juice, and zest. Remove from pan and place into small bowl. Set aside.

Step 6:
Once pasta is cooked, remove half of a cup of water and set aside. Drain pasta, place back in pot, then add parsley flakes on top.

Step 7:
Add in oil mixture and reserved pasta water, stir well to combine. Serve immediately!

Final Product!

This recipe is a great go to for meatless meals or if you are a vegetarian, it is light and refreshing and the flavors are a perfect blend. I really love that there is absolutely no extra seasonings needed and in my house, it even passes the kid test! I hope you enjoyed this recipe and let me know if you give it a try.

Down in the comments, let me know what your go to pasta dish is.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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