Ipsy January 2016 Glam Bag
{All Eyes On You}

9:00 AM

Crown Brush {C413 Brow Duo}
Full size price: $8.20
Sale price: $3.28
This is a brow duo brush from the brand Crown Brush. One end of the brush is used for applying eyebrow gel or powder and the other end is a spoolie to brush the hairs and to blend the color in. This brush works very well but I did find both ends to be a bit stiff. I figure with more usage they will soften up a bit. I had no issue with shedding and was able to clean the brush with ease. The handle is well made and fits well in the hand. This is my first brush from this brand and I am interested in trying out others. This is the first full size product this month!

City Color Cosmetics Eyeshadow Trio in the shade {Falling Leaves}
Full size price: $5.99

I have tried previous products from this brand and have enjoyed them so I was excited to try out these eyeshadows. This is a trio that has more earth toned colors that are fairly pigmented. The swatches I took are without a base and only with a few applications. I find this trio to be fairly neutral enough to work for pretty much anyone. The quality of the eyeshadows was about average, while the pigmentation is decent, I think it could be slightly improved. The colors do blend easily and last all day with a base with no creasing. This does appear to be the second full size product this month! I would consider purchasing more shades from this brand.

skyn iceland Glacial Cleaning Cloths
Full size price: $15.00
Sample size value is approximately: $5.00
These are cleansing cloths that have a unique formula to them as they have a foaming effect when used. These are extremely moist wipes that really do foam up as soon as you begin to apply them. They have a clean scent to them that does linger and it is quite refreshing. The formula does not irritate my skin and it removed my makeup with ease. I really enjoyed how refreshing these cloths were and was impressed in the overall quality. I also find these clothes to be quite large and I enjoy that as I feel I get more usage out of them. I would consider purchasing the full size version of this product.

theBalm cosmetics Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner in shade {Jac B. Bronze}
Full size price: $17.00
I am a big fan of theBalm cosmetics so I was excited to see a product from them in this month's bag. This is an eyeliner pencil that is highly pigmented and applies with ease. The shade I received is a nice shimmery bronze and while I tend to stick to black or matte brown shades for eyeliner, I find this color to be one that is fun to play around with and mix up in my day to day looks. The formula is very nice and the pigmentation is great, you can easily draw thin and thick lines with this product. Overall, I really enjoyed the formula and color, I would be interested in trying other shades. From my research, this does appear to be another full size product this month.

Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Body Cream
Full size price: $51.36
Sample size value is approximately: $8.40
This is a body cream that contains honey, organic cocoa, and Vitamin B5. It carries a very herbal scent to it which is not my cup of tea. It almost reminds me of a mixture of fresh herbs with a hint of pine. If you enjoy a natural, earthy scent then this would be perfect for you. Although the scent is not something I prefer, the overall formula was very nice. It sets into the skin very quickly and does moisturize for a long period of time. It does not feel greasy or sticky and the scent is fairly long lasting. I would purchase the full size of this product if it came in other scents.

My January Glam Bag is valued at $39.67.
I pay $10.00 a month, so I received an extra value of $29.67  this month.
Overall, I was fairly pleased with this month's bag. I didn't enjoy the body cream all that much but did like the cosmetics and cleanser wipes. I was very happy to see more than one full size product this month and found this to be a well rounded bag. The bag itself is not my favorite but it's fairly cute.

If you haven't subscribed to Ipsy yet then click here to get your very own bag next month. If you missed my review of December's Glam Bag then click here to check that out!

Down in the comments, let me know what you received in this month's bag.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned. The Ipsy link used is my referral link, I will receive points to purchase products only if you subscribe. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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