100 Days of School Craft

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My children will be celebrating their 100th day of school next week so I figured I would share the craft we have chosen to do to celebrate. This craft was inspired by an article on one of my favorite websites for worksheets and school activity ideas which is Education.com, click here to view that post. This craft is only three steps and is a great one to involve an entire class or just your children if you homeschool!

What You'll Need:

- 100 pompoms of different sizes and colors
- Glue or hot glue gun
- Large piece of thick construction paper, any color
- Pen or pencil

How To Make This:

Step 1:
Begin by sorting your pompoms into piles, you can sort by color, size, or by amount of pieces per child. Since I have two children, I simply divided the pompoms in half. 

Step 2:
After sorting your pompoms, sketch out your drawing. This drawing is entirely up to the individual and just keep in mind to make it large and leave plenty of space to place the pompoms over the drawing.

Step 3:
After completing the drawing, simply decide how you'd like to place the pompoms and let the children determine who does what, keep in mind you will have 100 pompoms on the drawing so again, leave lots of space! Once you've decided the placement, glue the pompoms on. Once complete, allow the drawing to dry overnight. You can then display this as decoration for your 100th day of school celebration and make a game of counting out the pompoms and naming the colors.

This craft is great for children of any age range and I highly recommend giving it a try as it really brings out the imagination and provides problem skill work as they figure out how to fit all the pompoms. I hope your children have had a great school year so far!

Down in the comments, let me know what your kids do to celebrate their 100th day of school.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: This craft was inspired by Melissa Dianda's post on Education.com which can be found by clicking here. This is simply my recreation and is not labeled as my own creation nor idea. All credit goes to Melissa Dianda. I am a pro-account holder of Education.com, which was gifted to me by the company. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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