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As we head into the end of this year, I am happy to say that my blog is officially 7 months old and I have made over 100 posts. My audience has grown 3x over since I started and I have been growing my social media accounts steadily as well. I started this blog not knowing where it would take me but since starting, I can say that my passion for creating is thriving. I am excited to make my three posts a week and even more excited to see how it's received.

On that note, with the new year approaching and this being my first full calendar year as a blogger, I wanted to invite all of you to vote on a new monthly series. I have a few series that I keep on my blog, my most popular being my beauty monthly subscription reviews. I also do a few Pinterest themed series that you all seem to enjoy.

I have been an avid planner for a long time and do keep a very basic planner that I update weekly with all my activities. I also enjoy crafting and trying new foods. In light of these interests, I want to make a new series for the new year and invite all of you to vote on which series you'd be most excited to see. I will update with the results by the end of next month, featuring the first post in that series. I hope all of you are excited for things to come and thank you for all the support!

Down below is a detailed description of what each new series will entail.

Plan With Me:
This series would be me showing how I plan my week. This includes details of my schedule and my theme for that week in my planner. I will review products that I also use in my planner.

Fitness Tracker:
This series will be me sharing my fitness goals and routines. This includes recipes, workout ideas, and updates on my progress.

Meal Planning:
This series would show you a week's worth of meals with pictures and recipes given, and how I plan each week's meals for my family.

Cast your vote and leave me a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions.

Vote on a new monthly blog series!

Plan With Me
Fitness Tracker
Meal Planning
Poll Maker

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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