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This is the third edition of my series all about home decorating. Last time, I discussed my plans for the Living Room and we have made very little progress on that room due to hectic every day life stuff. I want to continue sharing my plans as a way to motivate me to push to get all the house projects back on track. We really need to put more effort on getting the entire upstairs painted and after three appointments with professional painters, we have officially decided it's more cost effective to do it ourselves. With all that said, I am sharing my inspiration for the decor of our dining room today.

The current state of the room is all beige walls with the bottom half painted a dark brown. Again, my biggest pet peeve with moving into this home is the fact they painted this large house all one beige, would have preferred it at least be white but what can you do. For this room, I want it to flow well with the living room as they are directly connected. I want an antique look to the furniture with the paint colors being of a more pastel/neutral tone. I would love to incorporate some vintage diner style pictures and a rustic look to all the furniture. Ideally, I would like to purchase everything from an antique or thrift store and make everything look unique to my style.

The Paint Color Options:

This is the paint color scheme that I am going for as it will flow the best with the purple-ish tones of the living room. I find these colors to be colorful and yet neutral enough to blend in with the furniture.

My Furniture/Decor Inspiration:

For the dining room table, I am looking for something rustic and aged. Almost like a barn style texture to it. I also love the color of the table in this inspiration picture.

For the lights, I love the idea of removing our current outdated chandelier and replacing it with a large classic set of hanging lights.

The chairs for the table, are ones that I prefer to be large and comfortable. I would want them in a lighter shade than in the picture and would like some sort of cushion attached.

To add a unique touch, I would love some cabinet styling to resemble this color and pattern and I love the idea of a hidden trash can. Since I have a smaller kitchen until we fully remodel it, it would be nice to have the trash can in this room instead.

I hope you are enjoying this series and look forward to the next post which will likely be all about my kitchen! I will also begin to post updated room pictures as I get things done. This will take some time though so don't expect seeing that anytime soon! Also, be sure to follow my Pinterest for some sneak peeks of projects to come!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: These images are not mine, they are from my Home Decor Pinterest board and are credited to their original owners. Click on each picture for the original author.

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