Halloween Worksheets

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As we approach Halloween, I thought I would share some of my favorite worksheets that involve education with fun holiday themes. I am including a few options per subject, as well as several grade levels. Most of these are free to print and can be easily combined into a custom workbook. Get ready for some spooky fun!

Language Arts/Reading

- Fill in the blank Zombie Story (5th Grade Level)
- Halloween Adjectives and Nouns (2nd Grade Level)
- Halloween Word Scramble (1st Grade Level)
- Adding Punctuation (4th Grade Level)

Social Studies

- A History Of Zombies (5th Grade Level)
- Reading Maps (2nd Grade Level)
- Haunted House Map (Preschool Level)
- The Boogeyman (4th Grade Level)


- Boo! Trick or Treat Addition (1st Grade Level)
- Find the Probability (5th Grade Level)
- Halloween Play Money (2nd Grade Level)
- Pre-Algebra Fun (5th Grade Level)


- Cut-Out Skeleton (5th Grade Level)
- Cut-and-Paste Frankenstein (Kindergarten Level)
- Halloween Paper Doll, Girl and Boy (Preschool Level)
- Halloween Tree (1st Grade Level)


- Tracing Lines (Preschool Level)
- Halloween Haunted House (1st Grade Level)
- Werewolf Mask (2nd Grade Level)


- Halloween Missing Letters (Kindergarten Level)
- Halloween Color-by-Number (1st Grade Level)
- Holiday Word Search: Halloween (2nd Grade Level)
- Halloween Story Starters (4th Grade Level)

I also include spelling words for the week of Halloween that are all related to the holiday and appropriate grade level. I also include some physical education activities such as a maze run and pumpkin tossing. I find involving holiday themed worksheets helps keep the kids entertained and excited about learning. I am a lover of all holidays but Halloween holds a special place for me so I do go a bit above and beyond this time of year.

I hope you are feeling inspired to bring the Halloween spirit into your classroom! In the comments below, let me know what holiday activities you have planned.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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