Reward Chart and Box Craft

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This is a very simple craft that can be used in any classroom for any grade level. I have used this system since my children began school and all that changes are the prizes as they get older. I let the kids help with this project as it is very easy to do and doesn't require too much time to complete. So I advise you doing this with your children and have fun coming up with rewards to add to your prize chart!

What You'll Need:

- Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
- Glue
- Glitter
- Stamp and ink
- Scissors
- 2 pieces of construction paper
- Small cardboard box (Found mine in the $1 section of Target)

Step 1:
Begin by using the glue to write on the box, use your own creativity to name it whatever fits in with your classroom needs

Step 2:
Immediately pour glitter on top of the glue, being sure to cover all of the text. Do not worry about using too much. I have a tip in the next step as to how to clean this up!

Step 3:
After your glitter is applied, get one of the pieces of construction paper and gently tilt the box to pour off the excess glitter. It may require tapping the edges of the text if you want a cleaner look. Once the glitter is cleared off, make a tube like shape with your paper and simply pour the unused glitter back into the container. Set box aside to fully dry, I usually leave mine be over night.

Step 4:
While your box dries, take a piece of construction paper and label numbers to cut out into strips for the prize drawing. I have 10 total prizes but you decide how many prizes you are offering and make enough strips according to that. I also include two extra strips, one for the chance of a double prize and the other for a free choice. When cutting the numbers out, cut the first strip and then turn it over on the back and cut along the line to keep all strips as even as possible.

Step 5:
For the prize strips just fold up and place into box once it dries. For our prize drawing system, once the kids earn a 100 on certain worksheets or complete 10 chores then they get one prize, they love the idea of it being a surprise so they close their eyes and pick out one strip of paper per drawing.

Step 6:
Our Prize Chart is done with the kids help. They come up with prizes they would like to have and I mix in some that I know they would like as well. We simply write down the prizes in a random order next to each number and I let the kids design the paper. They used markers, crayons, and a stamp to decorate the page.

Step 7:
Place box near where you can hang up the prize sheet and you are done. Here is our final product in our classroom!

I hope you enjoyed this craft idea and have fun doing this with your kids!

Down in the comments, let me know what prizes you would put on your reward chart.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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