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Today, I wanted to share with all of you my personal nail polish collection, This is an overview of my collection and does not include swatches. I will post swatches if anyone is interested! I hope you enjoy getting a sneak peek of my beauty collection!

I try to keep my nail polish rack in a color coordinated order but it's not perfect and I don't have enough polishes to fully fill the rack up. This nail polish rack can be found here on Amazon.

Let's begin with the top row!


- Dollar Store brand in light pink shade
- M.A.C. (Bad Fairy) *LE

- Dollar Store brand in pinkish purple shade
- Ruffian (Rosary)
- Dollar Store brand in a pink shimmer shade



- Dollar Store brand in white shade
- Color Club (Top Shelf)

- Color Club (Mod In Manhattan)


- L.A. Colors in silver glitter shade
- Color Zone in black shade
- L.A. Colors in dark gray shimmer shade

- Color Club in dark matte gray


-Finger Paints (Rock Hard Lilac)
- L.A. Colors (Bliss)
- Ruffian (Delirium)

- Moxie in purple/pink shade
- NYC (West Side Village)
- Sinful Shine (Royal Flush)
- BonBons in purple glitter shade


- Sinful Colors (Lively in Lilac)
- L.A. Colors in white glitter shade
- Color Zone (Glow in the Dark)
- Sinful Colors (Mystery Moonshine)

- Pure Ice (Bare It All)
- Pure Ice (It's Complicated)
- L.A. Colors in blue/purple glitter shade
- Fresh Paint (Arrowhead)

- L.A. Colors in pink glitter shade


- L.A. Colors in orange shimmer color
- Color Zone in neon orange shade
- L.A. Colors (Shock)

Top Coats

Nail Kit


- Dollar Store brand in teal shade
- L.A. Colors (Mint)
- Pure Ice Magnetic (Super Charged)
- Pure Ice (Home Run)

- Sally Hansen Velvet (Regal)
- L.A. Colors in navy blue shade
- NYC (Pier 17)
- Fresh Paint (Bonna Blue)

- Sinful Colors (From Sheer To Eternity)
- L.A. Colors (Aquatic)

In the comments below, let me know how many polishes you have in your collection and if you are interested in seeing swatches of my collection!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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