Homemade Flubber
{Pinterest Classroom Project}

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Welcome to my first project in this new series "Pinterest Classroom Projects"! Every other month, I will be posting a poll with four options of school experiments, crafts, or projects from my "Time For School" Pinterest board. After one week, the project with the most votes will be tested and reviewed by the end of that month. This is the similar setup that I use for my Pinterest Test Kitchen Series, click here to check that out as well!

This project is called Homemade Flubber and is one that I think could be used for any age group. For full instructions as to how to make this, please check out the original author here

What You'll Need:

The ingredient list is simple and the process is even more simple. My children were able to do this entirely on their own and were excited to see the experiment come to life. I would recommend  that if you do this as a school project to involve the reasoning behind the reaction that causes these ingredients to form into the flubber texture. You can do your own research to make your own lesson plan on Borax and chemical reactions or you can use resources from online to pull up related worksheets. We used this as a part of our Science lesson for the day and the kids love hands on experiments!

The best part about this, is that you can keep the flubber in a ziploc and as long as it doesn't get too dirty or dry out from play time then it will last quite awhile. My kids loved being able to mold it and feel the vibrations that the flubber texture makes. It was a great asset to our lesson plan for the day and was an overall success. I could see this flubber also being used for many Halloween crafts, such as a brain mold. That was my daughter's first suggestion once feeling the texture!

Overall, I found this project to be simple and one that any kid would enjoy. It doesn't take too much time and really ties in learning and fun! I would highly recommend giving this one a try!

Down below, let me know if you've tried this recipe before and what your thoughts are on it.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: This recipe does not belong to me, the credit goes to Live Craft Eat. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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