Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

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For our Labor Day barbecue, my family had a special request for extra large soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies. They were adamant that they be extra large and yet still bakery fresh soft. So I went on a mission to find the perfect recipe. My favorite recipe resource is AllRecipes and thankfully I found the recipe that met my family's needs!

The full recipe can be found here, all credit goes to the original author.

What You'll Need:

Step 1:
Begin by sifting all your dry ingredients in a medium sized bowl.

Step 2:
In a large mixing bowl, cream together your butter and sugars.

Step 3:
Beat in vanilla and eggs.

Step 4:
Slowly mix in your flour mixture.

Step 5:
Carefully, fold in your chocolate chips.

Step 6:
If you want giant cookies, then place about ¼ cup of the mixture onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. I was able to make 15 cookies using this method.

Step 7:
Let cookies rest on baking sheet for about 5 minutes then transfer to a cooling rack to completely cool. I recommend these best served warm but the few we had leftover, were still very tasty the next day!

Thankfully this recipe was a complete success and now I have a go to recipe for making giant cookies and feel inspired to see what other type of cookies will work using these same ingredients and method. I hope you enjoyed this recipe and again, click here if you want the full instructions on how to make them yourself.

Down in the comments, let me know what desserts you served for your Labor Day barbecue!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: This recipe was created by ELIZABETHBH on, this recipe does not belong to me and I simply shared my take on it. All pictures and opinions are my own.

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