Ipsy August 2015 Glam Bag

9:00 AM

eco-beauty Good Night. Night Cream
Full Size: $40.00
Sample size value is approximately: $6.91

This is a night cream that promises smooth and plumper skin as you relax, rest and sleep. It's made with collagen-producing peptides, hylauronic acid, natural shea butter, aloe, antioxidant panthenl, folic acid, vitamin E and an anti-aging botanical complex. I have used this brand in the past in either an Ipsy or Birchbox box before, but this was my first time trying the night cream. I found it to be moisturizing and it did seem to keep my skin fairly moisturized through the night. With the sample size given, I don't feel I can accurately say if it had any long term results with smoother and more plump skin but overall it felt nice and non greasy. The scent is light and natural and it didn't irritate my sometimes sensitive skin. I may consider purchasing this in the full size.

Divine skin hydrator
Full Size: $16.00
Sample size value is approximately: $1.77

This is a skin hydrator that promises smoother and softer skin immediately after use in the shower, they claim daily use has shown significant changes within a week. I found the product to be very moisturizing and not at all irritating which this product is unscented and was tested extensively on people with sensitive skin so I can confirm that it is not irritating in the least. I like how quickly it seems to penetrate the skin and kind of locks in for the rest of the day. With the small sample size, I can't say I saw a huge difference but I think with a bigger bottle and more usage that these claims could hold up. I am not usually a big fan of unscented products but I do appreciate that this product is more targeted to those with sensitive skin. It also says this product was created for women over 40 so I am not quite in the target audience yet. I would consider purchasing the full size of this product.

Doll 10 HydraGel Cream Blush in Flirt
Full Size: $16.00
Sample size value is approximately: $12.60

This is a cream blush that claims to have a revolutionary formula with hybrid gel technology. It takes the ease of a powder blush and combines with the fresh, natural look of a cream. It's meant to make you look more like you are actually blushing than just wearing blush. It is formulated with beneficial ingredients like shea butter, avocado butter, and jojoba seed oil to hydrate the skin while lavender extract provides luminosity for a fresh, natural-looking flush of pure color. This was my first time using a cream blush and honestly I was a bit timid working with it. Thankfully, this is very simple to apply but be lighthanded with it, a little goes a long way. This blush is VERY pigmented and the color payoff is both long lasting and beautiful. I did see this looking a bit more natural than my normal powder blushes but I can see the benefit of using both types. I really enjoyed experimenting with this new product and am excited to try more! I would consider purchasing other shades of this in the future.

Lord & Berry Ultimate Lipliner in Nude
Full Size: $18.00
Sample size value is approximately: $9.00

This is a lip pencil that is easy-to-use in the new roundshaped barrel, the formula is enriched with LXB complex to soften and protect the skin. The formula includes Macadamia oil and waterlily extracts, it's waterproof, and highly blendable for more natural lining. I find this shade to be the perfect combo for a nude lip, and nude lips are one of my go to's during the summer when I do bright eye shadow looks. This liner applied with ease and I was able to blend it without any smudging onto my skin or around my lips. It did seem to last fairly well through the day and I used a similar lipstick and gloss to set it. Overall, I enjoyed the formula and would consider purchasing other shades.

noyah Desert Rose Lipstick
Full Size: $18.00
Sample size value is approximately: $6.00

This is a semi-matte, subtle dirty-pink shade. The full size lipstick comes in earth-friendly bamboo packaging that results in a 60% reduction in plastic. I found this lip stick to be quite moisturizing which is a plus as some matte lipsticks tend to be very drying on the lips. The formula was smooth and easy to apply. Despite it claiming to be on the lower-end of pigmentation, I found it to be quite pigmented even without a lip liner. I would be interested to see their high-end of pigmentation if this is on the low-end! Overall, this color is one of my go to's so I was instantly loving it. I enjoyed how well it seems to last even through eating and drinking. I would consider purchasing other shades!

My August Glam Bag is valued at $36.28.
I pay $10.00 a month, so I received an extra value of $26.28.
Overall, I am pretty bored with this bag.While I did enjoy all of the products this month to the point that I would consider purchasing full sizes, I am bored with the selection. Getting two basic moisturizers in small sample packs does get tiring. I have updated my profile for the third time in hopes of receiving less of these samples. I also am not a big fan of this month's bag that the samples came in. It seems sort of tacky and cheap. This would be in the top 5 of my least favorite bags this year.

If you haven't subscribed to Ipsy yet, I would consider giving at least one month a try! Click here if you'd like your own bag next month!

Down in the comments, let me know what you received in this month's glam bag.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any companies mentioned in this post. The Ipsy and Birchbox links used are my referral links, I will receive points to purchase products only if you subscribe. All opinions and pictures are my own.

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