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This is the second edition of my new series all about home decorating. Last time, I discussed my plans for the master bedroom and I have made some progress on that room. We have officially fully painted the room and are now working on decorating, so expect an updated post on that room soon! Today, I am going to discuss my ideas for our living room.

My overall plan for the entire house is for it to flow but still have a unique feel to each room. Since the master bedroom is going toward a more modern theme, it will then lead into the living room which is going for a more warm rustic theme. I plan on using a paint color pallet themed around warm purples, with hints of pastels in some accent pieces. We will be purchasing some new furniture pieces, mainly a new couch and chairs. We haven't had this couch for long but it got beat up in between moves and wasn't very expensive so we think we'll be moving this couch to the gym/den area and replace it with one that fits the theme of the living room more.

This is our current setup:

Again, this room is painted all beige like the entire 3,000+ square feet of our home so we are excited to rid another room of this blah color. We also do not have a ton of furniture, we currently have a wrap around sofa, 2 end tables, a DVD shelf, ottoman, and some small decor. I also want to make a cover for our TV wires as I hate how tacky it looks to have all these wires hanging from the fireplace. I would love to add some texture to our fireplace as well, either with stones or some kind of material that gives it more character. Some of these projects are not immediate and will come together with time.

This is my inspiration for our living room:

In the first picture, I am grabbing a lot of inspiration from the table and decor used. I love how rustic and warm the table is while not looking too out of place with more darker tones. The middle picture is the general paint colors that I plan on basing the living room on. The last picture is a mural of sorts that I think would look perfect on the large wall we have to the left of our TV. We have nothing on it now and unless we decide to move the TV there, it doesn't have anything else going on it. I think this would be perfect for making either a timeline of my children's lives thus far or simply a family mural.

I hope you are enjoying this series and look forward to some updated pictures of the master bedroom soon! In the comments below, let me know what colors you think may go best with this theme. Also be sure to follow my Pinterest to get a sneak peek of projects to come!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: The top pictures are owned by me. The inspiration collage are pictures grabbed from my Pinterest boards and do not belong to me. I was unable to find the original owners of the images to properly credit for.

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