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As we head back into the new school year, I wanted to share a very simple craft that can be done for homeschoolers or just as a craft for parents to do with their children. My children do one of these every school year and it has become a great way to look back at our summers.

What You'll Need:

Printer/printer paper
Clip art (optional)
Construction paper (2 pieces)
Markers, crayons, or colored pencils
3-Hole puncher
Yarn or string

Step 1:
Begin by typing up your worksheets or papers for your journal. I usually make a questionnaire, a sheet for a story, and then I'll keep extra pages for them to draw pictures. To add clip art to your papers, you can grab free clip art pictures from

Step 2:
Punch holes into each paper used for the journal, including the construction paper. Make sure they line up as you will be binding them together later on.

Step 3:
Once your papers are all prepared to be bound, label the front page of the journal and let your child decorate the front and back pages. My daughter used stickers and some drawings to decorate hers.

Step 4:
Begin lining up your papers, make sure that the holes are near perfectly in line with another as they will bind better if they are fully attached through the holes. Once the lines are matched up, take about a 6-8 inch piece of yarn and push it through the bottom hole, then go behind the book and insert into the middle hole, then from the front go through the top hole. Turn the papers over slowly and tie off the yarn in the back. Trim off the edges of the yarn to keep them from snagging or coming loose.

Step 5:
Once journal is bound, open the journal to make sure the pages are tightly attached and you are able to easily turn the pages. Keep in mind, you can easily untie the yarn and add more pages if need be.

I hope this craft is something you give a try with your children, it really is something that can be done in a short amount of time and be tons of fun with decorating and writing stories. I know my children look forward to doing these on the first day of school!

Down below, let me know what craft ideas you have for the first day of school.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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