6th Grade School Year

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Today I wanted to share our upcoming school year. I will be sharing our schedule and what our studies will be focused on. My children are heading into 6th grade and are both 11 years old. We have been homeschooling since kindergarten and do plan on homeschooling for the rest of their schooling. I hope to see both of my children attend college once we've completed our home studies!

Our Schedule

Our school days will begin at 9:45 AM, Monday through Friday.
We will be starting school on August 24th and our last day will be May 19th.
We take 3 breaks throughout the year, we take 1 week off for each of these holidays.
Thanksgiving, Winter Break, Spring Break

Our studies go in this order and I do not have a set time limit for each subject. 

*Language Arts
*Social Studies
*Physical Education/Health Class
*Homework Review

We go for as long as needed for the work to be done for each subject that day. I would say we normally spend 30 minutes minimum on each subject but can spend well over an hour, again it entirely depends on that days lessons.

If we are not done by 1PM, then we take a lunch break in between. I also have a classroom that we do our schooling in. It keeps us organized and keeps the kids focused and prepared. It's what works for us and once the classroom is set up, I will post our updated tour. Click this text to see what out 5th grade classroom looked like! : )

Our Studies

This is what we are focusing our studies on this year for each subject. I have complied this list based on my "What Your 6th Grader Needs To Know" book as well as personal research and based on my children's needs.

Language Arts
-Dependent and independent clauses
-Four kinds of sentences
-The colon
-Sayings and phrases
-Introduction to Spanish/French

Social Studies
-World civilization
-American civilization

-Place value, estimation
-Expressions, exponents, Expanded Notation, Order of Operations
-Proportion, Percent
-Area and Volume

Physical Education/Health
- Sports (baseball, volleyball, cheerleading, football, basketball, soccer, dance, etc.)
-Learning to eat well, introducing puberty and how the body changes during this time

-Life sciences
-Human health
-Physical sciences
-Stories of Scientists

-Stories and speeches
-Harry Potter

-Craft projects involving clay modeling, weaving, and painting
-Music projects including making your own instruments, reading music, playing recorder

-Writing spelling words 10 times every night
-Reading 2 chapters in assigned reading book

This is what our schedule will look like for the 2015-2016 school year!

I hope this may help any of you or at least give you insight into how homeschooling works for my family. Aside from this schedule, we are also involved in a county run homeschooling program where we go on field trips and attend extracurricular activities with. So you can say my kids feel just as busy as any other kid in public school!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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