Watermelon Cupcakes

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I am a regular viewer and pretty big fan of the SacconeJolys vlogs on YouTube and am always inspired by Anna's baking. Last summer, she made these watermelon cupcakes and for my family's 4th of July that year, I decided to make them myself. They were such a huge hit that summer doesn't begin in our family now until I make these. So again for our 4th of July barbecue, I made these and decided to share the recipe here. Be sure to check out the SacconeJolys on YouTube and Anna's blog for the original recipe and her video of how she prepared them!

What You'll Need:

 cups all-purpose flour
½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
1 packet powdered strawberry flavored jell-o
1 cup butter, softened
¼ cups superfine sugar
3 eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
 cup pureed watermelon (about 1 ½ cups cubed fresh watermelon)
¾ cup miniature chocolate chips
Homemade frosting or a store bought canister (flavor of your choosing)
Food gel dye for coloring (optional)

Step 1: 
Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. In a medium sized bowl, add the flour,  baking powder, salt, and jell-o. You may sift them together. Set aside.

Step 2:
In a large bowl, beat the softened butter at medium speed for 30 seconds. Then add the sugar slowly, about ¼ cup at a time. Once sugar has all been added, beat for an additional 2 minutes or until the mixture appears smooth.

Step 3:
Add in the eggs to butter mixture, one at a time. Then add the vanilla.

Step 4:
After your butter mixture is fully combined, slowly add the dry ingredient mixture as well as the watermelon puree. It is best to alternate between the dry mixture and the puree for a more even and easier blend. Do this on low speed to avoid splashing.

Step 5:
Once the batter is well mixed, gently fold in the miniature chocolate chips. You may also add red gel food coloring if you want the cupcakes to have a brighter tint to them. They will naturally bake into a reddish pink when fully cooked.

Step 6:
Once the batter is complete, line your cupcake pan with cupcake tins and fill them about  full. This will make 24 cupcakes. Bake the cupcakes for 15 to 25 minutes, check them with a toothpick at 15 minutes to determine if they are done, add a few minutes if they are not. Keep an eye on them as they will cook pretty quickly. 

Step 7:
Once they are done let them rest in the pan for about 10 minutes then move to a cooling rack until completely cooled. For decorating, you can dye your icing to a bright green watermelon shade or you can do like Anna did on her blog, and decorate the tops with a more watermelon slice look. I went with the easy route as I am not a good cupcake decorator.

There you have it, a simple and delicious Summer treat. These cupcakes have the most unique flavor to them and have been a huge hit at all of my summer barbecues. I hope you enjoyed my recreation of this recipe!

Let me know your favorite summer dessert in the comments below!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any companies or people mentioned in this blog. This recipe is a recreation of Anna Saccone Joly's and Betty Crocker "The Big Book of Cupcakes". All pictures are my own.

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