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This is the first edition of a new series all about home decorating. We recently moved into our new home and it is double the size of our previous home so we lack a lot of furnishings for the amount of new space we have. I have made a goal to have the home fully decorated and painted by Halloween and I am hoping I can stick with it. I thought I would share my decor ideas as I work through this massive project and as I get each room done, I will do a completed house tour.

The first room I want to focus on is our master bedroom. The color theme is going to be a light blue/teal and grey. I want the walls to be a solid grey color and then use the blue color as a trim and accent shade. I want to incorporate the chevron pattern as well, as I think it blends well with the color theme and ties into the modern items that I want to fill the room with.

This is our current setup:

The entire house was painted one color, beige, and it is every where considering how large the house is. It is driving me insane to see all this bland color every where. I haven't really done too much decorating as I know everything needs to be moved around while we paint and organize. Our current bedroom furniture is not ideal for the color and theme I have chosen. All our furniture is brown and family antiques. So we will need to buy new furniture as well.

This is my inspiration for our bedroom:

These paint sample colors are a great tool to have as they let me see what colors go with our theme and will blend with accent items like vases, pillows, and bedding. I am undecided if I want a chevron print bedding set or if I should just stick to chevron pillows and accent pieces so as not to be too in the face with pattern. I plan on shopping at Ross and online retailers in order to keep a decent budget as we have several rooms to work on.

For me, the easiest way to tackle such a big project is making time lines. So starting this week I am going to map out how I am tackling this house, one room at a time, and I can't wait to go through this journey on my blog. I want our home to start feeling like people actually live in it and I know summer is the best time to get stuff done.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest if you want sneak peeks of ideas that I'll be using in our home! Down in the comments, let me know if you are doing any remodeling or projects in your home.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: The first set of images belong to me. The second set were pulled from my Pinterest board and are the property of their original owners.

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