4th of July Party Ideas

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Today I am going to go over my recent Pinterest findings when it comes to 4th of July party ideas. With the holiday fast approaching and if you are anything like me, you may need a few last minute ideas to get your holiday prepared. This holiday is special to me in a way that it may not be for many others. This day was my father's favorite day of the year, he loved fireworks, barbecuing food and his country, so what more could he ask for on a day like this. Sadly, my father passed away almost 3 years ago and this day has taken me through an emotional roller coaster without him. So I dedicate this post to my dad and hope he appreciates the party my family will be having in his honor.

Here is my top 5 list with a category/theme tied in with each item.

Kid Activity

Chalk Stars via mominspiredlife

To keep the kids busy and to add some extra fun to your home, this project is very simple and should keep the kids entertained for some time. I find these materials to be easy to get and the stencil is easy to make, so it takes very little time and effort from you and that's always a plus on a busy day!


American Flag Mason Jars

These simple mason jars can be used for many different things at your 4th of July party and can be reused for other patriotic holidays as well. All you will need are the jars, some paint and either stencils or some patience. I would use these as a centerpiece and possibly place a candle at the top of each one. But you could use these to hold silverware, snacks, or just to look pretty. It's a great idea to even use to decorate drinking glasses as well!

Party Activity
4th of July Scavenger Hunt via Moritz Fine Designs

While this seems more geared toward a children's activity, I think you could easily turn this into a fun game for the adults as well. Maybe have a kid version and adult version. It's a really simple idea and the site that designed this offers it for free, so all you need for this is a printer and some printer paper. I love how this basic idea can easily be expanded on and to me, made me think of making a Halloween scavenger hunt for our party this year. It's a great and simple idea to keep everyone entertained in between cooking and fireworks!

Party Setup

Party Ideas via WeHeartParties

This is a great all in one site to visit for many different ideas. They seem rather quick and easy and they focus on not just food, but other party setup ideas as well. The 4th of July themes itself but it's always nice to get a fresh and possibly new idea on how to set up your party.


Firecracker Cake via Sheknows

This is a truly unique way to impress your friends and family at your party. Not only is this going to wow the kids, but I can guarantee your adult guests will get a kick out of this as well. While there are a few "tedious" steps, I think the end result pays off for any extra work. I know my kids will love these and I can't say I have ever seen something like them before, it does make me wonder why I never thought of it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing my 4th of July Pinterest inspired post! If you are celebrating this weekend, let me know what you will be serving at your party.

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: All pictures and items listed are not my own, they have been linked to their original owner via Pinterest links and personal research.

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