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Today I wanted to share my Pinterest board, Pinterest Test Kitchen, dedicated to testing out the countless amount of recipes that I have saved. I started this project awhile back and due to us moving a few months ago, I have yet to pick back up on this project. So, I thought I would share the two that I tried and then hopefully inspire all of you as well as myself to continue on.

The first recipe pictured are these Pizza Bites, they are such a quick and easy dinner recipe and have become a family favorite. I only made one minor change to the recipe after we tried them, the next time I made them I added marinara sauce to the inside as I found them to be a bit too dry without it. The flavor is very nice and I love how quickly this can be ready for a last minute meal. Overall, we really enjoyed these and I make them fairly often. They are also a great idea for a party!

The second picture is two recipes in one! The first item are the Baked Cauli-Tots, these were something I was a bit hesitant to try as I do not like cauliflower at all but I figured what harm could be done, either we liked them or we didn't. Well, believe it or not this recipe was a complete success because these taste nearly identical to tater tots, you truly would never guess what the ingredients are in these. I did end up adding a bit of garlic powder to them due to a comment made by someone who tried them. I make these at least twice a month as a side dish and the kids eat tons of them every time!

The second item in the picture are Chicken Cashew Lettuce Wraps, these are a nice healthy dish to make for either a dinner or a lunch. I find them to be light yet filling and the recipe didn't need any changes whatsoever. I love the idea of wraps and try to find new ways to make them often, this one can easily be used for fish or even turkey in my opinion.

I know we all pin so much on Pinterest and may not have any intention on going much further than that but I know when I pin recipes, I truly have the intent to try them out at some point. It gets overwhelming since I have collected hundreds of recipes but I hope to make at least one Pinterest recipe a month and update on the blog with my test kitchen. I hope this inspires you to test out some of your pinned items soon!

Please, share your Pinterest name down below!

As always any requests, comments, or questions are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: The picture used is my own. The recipes discussed are linked to their original author.

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