Homeschool Friendly Field Trip Ideas

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If you are not a part of a homeschooling group in your area then sometimes it can be difficult to plan out a typical school field trip. First off, you usually do not qualify for any form of a schooling or group discount and some parts of a school field trip such as private tours or movies are not available to you. Obviously, if you are able you should look into a local homeschooling group in order to better have these resources but if one is not available to you or does not fit your needs then enjoy my top 5 field trip ideas!

Public library

I am a die hard book fan and not the kindle friendly book but a real, actual dusty smelling book kind of person. Sadly, many local libraries lack funding and are unable to stay open or run the programs that they did years ago. I highly recommend looking into your local library and seeing what they offer. They almost always have some form of free children's activity and the fees for a library card tend to be quite inexpensive. It's a good way to teach while having fun and I have used the library tied into a few of our homeschooling lessons as they learned about how to alphabetize and the difference between fiction and non-fiction stories. Also most libraries have computers available to the public so if you want your children to have that available to them then it's another great reason to check out your local library!


This is a pretty obvious choice as most kids love these types of field trips. If you are able, I would highly recommend purchasing a yearly family pass as this will cut costs and usually provide you discounts for the gift shops or any activities the zoo/aquarium offer. Check into programs they offer, as I know mine provide many craft days as well as hands on learning with some of the zoo animals. Most of these classes are geared toward a public school field trip but usually they have days open to the public or ones you can schedule for a fee. Be on the lookout on social media platforms for many deal days and programs that are scheduled. Again, this trip is a great tie in to many Science and overall learning programs.

National or State Park

This is a great free way to get the kids out of the school room and active. You can turn this location into many different activities. You may bring sporting equipment to do some form of physical education. You can go bird watching, plant identifying, or hiking for a Science lesson. It's truly a great place to easily make the most of and you can't beat the low price tag of free. Picnics are always great as well and can be used to teach Health class and learning about the food groups. The most obvious would be a history lesson about the park itself. The ideas are almost endless!

4-H Fair

If your child is not personally involved in the 4-H program they can still check out what the other children are up to and may gain some interest in the program for themselves. This is a great way for them to meet some new people and see what things the 4-H program is offering. These events can range from free to reasonable prices overall and may give you many ideas to bring back to your own classroom.

Police Station/Fire Station/Emergency Service Center

This is a typical experience for many public schooling students, usually they visit the schools but you can call your local agencies and check to see if they are willing to offer a tour for your children. This is a great opportunity for children to learn how important and valuable these roles are in every day life and to better understand what all actually goes into these jobs. You can easily tie in many schooling lessons with this and quiz them on different things they should have picked up on during the tour. Please make sure to always check if you may visit these places before going in, as you are not guaranteed a visit without prior notice.

I hope you were able to take something from this and most importantly check into a local homeschooling group, they provide very valuable lessons and experiences!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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