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As I prepare for the upcoming school year, I thought I would share some of  my "must haves" when it comes to my classroom and school supplies overall. I have chosen my top five but trust me that there is an endless amount of items. I plan on making a list broken down by categories at some point but for now this is a start.

Lakeshore Learning Teacher's Plan Book
My all time favorite teacher planners. They contain monthly and weekly calendars and have plenty of space to keep all your information neatly organized. I have used these for years and can't recommend them enough. They have different styles and they are all under $20. This one in particular is $6.99!

Lakeshore Learning Connect & Store Book Bins

These bins are useful in the classroom and in many other organizational ways for the home. They are well priced considering how expensive storage containers can be these days. The selling point for me is how all of these snap together and stay in place. It keeps everything well organized and they are easy to store. They come in six different colors and are sold for $4.99 each or you can purchase a set of six for $29.50!

Lakeshore Learning File Holder Teacher's Tote

I have my own classroom in my home and when I grade schoolwork and do any preparation, I do this in my home office so I need a tote to take things easily from room to room. This tote is sturdy and has a good amount of pockets, it's easy to store and is well made as I have had mine for some time now. The price for this tote is $24.99!

Lakeshore Learning Heavy-Duty Supply Cups - Set of 4

These are a basic need in any classroom or office space. These cups hold quite a bit and are durable when being messed with by children and the occasional fall. They come in the four colors shown and are sold only in the 4 pack for $7.99. While you can get these from a dollar store, I still believe the quality is worth the price.

Lakeshore Learning Easy-Clean Craft Trays - Set of 4

These craft trays are a huge help when it comes to our arts and crafts time. It keeps everything contained and avoids getting tables messy. They are easy to clean and are big enough to hold not only your papers, but the basic art supplies as well. It's easy for the kids to carry and really makes my job a lot easier. These come in a pack of four and are $14.99!

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my favorites. Keep an eye out for more posts like these and in the comments, let me know your must haves in the classroom!

As always any comments, requests, or questions are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Lakeshore Learning, all opinions are my own. The images used are owned by Lakeshore Learning.

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