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Today I thought I would share how our typical classroom schedule works. As with anything, this schedule may have a hiccup along the way but I'd say we are pretty strict with following through with this setup. We are now heading into 6th grade and have been homeschooling since preschool/kindergarten. We are a part of a local homeschooling group and do many social gatherings as well as some type of classes once a week or so. This is something we pay for but it has provided many opportunities for us and I think it's well worth our time and money.

We do 180 days every school year, Monday through Friday. There are really only two big differences from what you will experience in public schooling, we only have 3 holiday breaks ( Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break) and we have about 4-6 hour school days. We take fewer breaks because we don't really need any extra time off and I like to use those special days as a learning experience. We also do field trips, either with our group or on our own. So here is how our days work. 

Class Schedule:
9:30 AM - I begin prepping any daily work in our classroom, writing any lessons on the board, etc.

9:45 AM - The kids come down to the classroom, class begins

10:00 AM - We begin with reviewing our spelling words for the week and turning in homework

We do not have a set time for each subject, if it takes 30 minutes for that day's lessons then that's fine but sometimes it takes an hour, completely depends on the amount of work and how long it takes the kids to work through. This is simply the order we work in.

- Language Arts
- Social Studies
- Math
-P.E. (Physical Education)
- Lunch
- Science
- Reading
- Art/Music
- Homework review

Our normal day is done by 3:00 PM, but we have had later days and earlier days. All apart of homeschooling and working at your own pace.

This schedule has proven extremely efficient to me and I like the structure better than a more loose plan, as it also prepares the kids for college as well in case we ever decide to put them in a public/private school. I know a lot of homeschooling parents do not have a strict schedule and some do not have a classroom but more-so do work at the dinner table. I respect how ever each parent decides to school their children, but we strongly prefer this setup and I love having our very own classroom.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing how I handle our class routine, if you home-school then let me know your class schedule in the comments below!

As always any requests, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated. Talk to you soon!

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