Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza Review (Sausage Supreme)

9:00 AM

Over the weekend, we celebrated my twins 11th birthday. For this party I decided to review the new Red Baron Brick Oven sausage supreme pizza. My family and I have previously tried the Red Baron Brick Oven pepperoni and cheese pizzas and loved them. I was looking for a quick fix to our party menu and knew these would be simple to make and enjoyed by all.

The first thing I noticed on this pizza was the amount of toppings you got was not as much as I had expected but once cooked and melted with the cheese, it was plenty. The vegetables were crispy and tasted fresh and flavorful. I am a big fan of peppers and onions and find this pizza topping to be a great simple combination. The crust was delicious and perfectly crisp, I prefer a thinner crust while my family likes a thicker crust, this meets both of our expectations in it's own special way.

After it was doing baking I noticed the topping was a bit under-cooked for my liking. I tend to like a crispy or "burnt" taste to my meat toppings. So I decided to put it back in to broil the top for a few minutes. If you prefer a softer texture to the toppings then I would stick to the directions on the box. The sausage was perfectly seasoned and was not chewy like some sausage pizzas can be. All the toppings tasted very fresh and that is what makes this pizza so good to not only me but our party guests as well.

I think overall this would be my second choice for the Red Baron Brick Oven pizza toppings. My favorite would still go to the pepperoni but for something outside my norm, this hits the spot. Again, what makes this pizza is the crust. I do not believe you can match the quality of the crust with any other frozen pizza out there. Let me know if you have tried this pizza out yet and what topping was your favorite!

As always any requests, comments, or questions are greatly appreciated! Talk to you soon!

Disclaimer: I was provided a coupon to review this product in part with BzzAgent and Red Baron. All opinions and pictures posted are my own.

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