Our 5th Grade Classroom Tour

9:00 AM

Today, I welcome you to our 5th grade classroom!

Every year the classroom setup changes, not always in a big way but with new material comes new posters and usually some form of rearranging furniture. This is our current setup. The first thing you see is the door with our classroom information. This schedule is pretty much the same every year, we begin our school day at 9:45 AM and are done around 2:30 PM, we take a 1 hour lunch break in between class and sometimes go later than scheduled. It truly depends on the day and how much work they have.

As soon as you enter the classroom you will see our mini school library and art show. This bookshelf changes constantly depending on the reading schedule for the year and what the kids end up storing down here. We use the art show wall to showcase one or two projects from each school week. The kids vote on which art work goes on display for the entire week.

On one side of the room is my office area, this is just a small card table that I use to keep all my teaching materials on, I also keep my laptop on here during school to use for any lesson tie ins or video viewing purposes. I also have a small table behind the desk area to keep the school books on. Our dry erase board is there, as well as a table with my dry erase markers, paper towels, etc. Underneath that is our art container, it's just a bath tote filled with assorted art supplies. The door there leads to our bathroom.

 On the other side of the room is the children's desks. They each have their own desk with a drawer that they keep their school materials in. They bring their own backpacks to class every day as well. Behind the desks is a dresser filled with school and art materials. On top of that is where they turn in their work every day as well as our reward chart and prize drawing box. They earn rewards for doing different activities in school as well for their daily chores. We also have a class calendar that we customize every month.

This is a quick overall tour but I think you get the idea. Feel free to use this setup as inspiration for your own classroom and let me know what setup you use. I will be sure to post the updated tour when we start 6th grade in the fall!

As always any requests, comments, or questions are greatly appreciated! Talk to you soon!

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